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  1. Hello all. Been reading a lot of threads on making bacon and I'm getting very interested in trying it myself. I have seen a lot on the curing process and seasoning but I have a few questions about the smoking part. Seems like so e smoke times were 10-12hrs and others were 35-40 hours. The only temps I've seen so far were at about the 100degree mark.
    Is 100degrees the optimum temp to smoke at and what would be the difference in the smoke times?
    I have a vertical propane smoker and not sure I can even get my temps that low. Is there another option with this type of smoker or is it not recomeneded to smoke at a higher temp?
    This is my first season smoking anything and am really enjoying it but have lots of questions.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I dry rub cure my belly bacon and buckboard bacon (from pork butt). I usually cold smoke it - no heat turned on in the smoker - for us because hot smoking it essentially "cooks" it and I don't want twice cooked bacon. If I'm giving it away, then I hot smoke it. 

    I have cold smoked it both in the winter (I usually warm the smoker up to about 100° then turn it off) and in warmer weather but usually at night. I cold smoke it overnight and have done this up to 36 hours (I put it in the fridge during the day). I also use a lighter smoke flavor, such as apple, cherry, Jack Daniel's Oak Barrel Chips, Maple as opposed to a strong smoke such as hickory or mesquite.

    Of course with cold smoking you will need an alternative method of getting the smoke, and I would recommend one of Todd's smoke generators, AMAZENPRODUCTS

    Here's a couple links on smoking bacon
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    It's very difficult to go by smoke times without knowing the conditions in which the product is being smoked along with the color and density of the smoke.  Presently I am cold smoking some Canadian bacon using a very thin (almost invisible) smoke.  My side bacon is usually smoked ± 72 hours in order to get my desired color and kept below 75°.

    You will find that many on the forum smoke at higher temps for shorter times in order to get their desired results.  They are actually pre-cooking the bacon to a minimum of 145° which allows them to just reheat and serve, nothing wrong with that.

    If you want to cold smoke yours, there are several makeshift generators that you can make and use or you can get a AMNPS or Smoke Daddy, both are sponsors on the forum with excellent customer service.

    Hope this helps, have fun.

  4. I do pretty much Like Alissa except I normally use pop's brine. I have used dry cure with great results as well. The top link Alissa shared is my bacon. 40+ hours of cold smoke.

    Remember to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Thank you...
    So does the smoke generator also help mantain the 100degree temp as well as provide smoke after you turn off the smoker or do you turn it back on every once in awhile to maintain the heat?
    Also how do you know when it is it still by an IT or by the color....and if you only smoke at night during warm days what do you do with the meat during the day?
    Sorry for all the questions but I am in the very early stages of hot smoking and have not done any reading on cold smoking so I appreciate the help.
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  7. Do yourself a favor and buy a AMNPS to make smoke.

    Happy smoken.

  8. Taking a little vacation this week. Will read the links that were posted and will look in to the AMNPS when I get back.
    Thanks again for all the help and will post some pics when I get started

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