Pulling a Pork Loin

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May 21, 2007
Detroit Suburbs
The big piece of my smoke today was a Pork Loin for my wife who is a Pulled Pork junkie...

Here is a pick of the Loin after it came out of the cooler....

Here is a pic of the Loin after my wife made the first breaks to get it cooled down to handling temp....check out that nice smoke ring:

Here is a pic of the wife going at it on the pull:

And here is the finished product with a dose of finishing sauce:

Used Meowey's rub with a Mustard coating and Mesquite and Apple for the woods......smoke took 9 hours with a 2 hour wrap and cooler before the pull.

Off to get some Cheap White Buns tomorrow for a great lunch!
Looks great! I don't know why I do this to myself, looking at pictures of Q first thing in the morning... I'm starved!
I've never heard of pulled pork using the loin. I'm a noob, young, ignorant......but using the loin is new to me. Using the loin for pulled pork has to be good.......and by the looks, it was!

If you put sauce on that(bbq), I might just have to come over there and stick my boot in your.....bbbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........darn static!

Make'n mama happy is the best part of smoke'n! Good job!
Yeah....it's a pork loin......no bone and all pull.

And tomorrow......I'm doing another one.

Look for pics here tomorrow night......
Did u marinate it at all?? The loins i get are relatively lean in pork terms. Seems like it may have trouble staying moist and tender. Also, if u feel like sharing, what temp and how long??? I got a loin in the freezer id like to do for my dad for fathers day dinner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot
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