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Jun 3, 2010
Well its been a real long time since I got out and worked on the art of smoking, and Iv injured my foot in a little motorcycle spill, so I figured now would be the perfect time to sit around the house and smoke some pork! This will only be my 3rd attempt at pulled pork, 1 of the last two times failed, and even the one that came out edible had some complications in the process. Now im going to try and use my past experiences to make this the best yet. Not sure why Im still up, just now starting to remember how long the smoking actually takes, its going to be an early morning! So its currently 1:30 am, here are the first photos, and I'll be sure to post more as I begin again in the morning, for now its time to catch some Z's.



well the first time i hardly even looked into it so pretty much everything was wrong, and the second time i just didnt keep the temps right so it took longer than it should to stay 100% safe to eat. I also learned the second time that i like to bring it up to about 160 i think it was in the smoker, then wrap it up in tin foil and throw it in the oven until it hits about 190.
So do you have it on the smoke yet?  Better get started if you want it for dinner!  No telling how the dreaded "Stall" will hit you.

Good Luck

bout an hour in, the chamber is hanging steady at about 210.


Got the temp up a bit, and down to a real light smoke that you can barely see.

Ya I think this time may just be a good one. And no alblancher I got it on a few hours after you made that post, Usually I'll get it on at about 5-6 am, but I just wasnt about to do that this time haha. Guess I'll have to pay the price when im up tending to it a bit later tonight.
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Just sprayed it down with some apple cider vinegar to moisten it up, 2 hours in.
haha thank you sir, This is the smoothest smoke iv had yet, so far anyhow! Arriving at 6 hours pretty soon, got a 162 internal temp, hmmm to foil and oven or not to foil and oven, this is the question. I think I'll leave it in there some more, iv still got plenty of daylight.
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your doing great friend!! Now do yourself a favor & go to the WIKI here & under finishing sauce look up soflaquers sauce. It's very easy to make & will take that butt to another level of flavor. I would try to put the link in here for you, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Keep the qview coming!!

thanks :) and man that does look great, Ima grab the ingredients when I go out in a bit.

Internal temp is almost 170, I think I'm going to wrap it up and throw it in the oven pretty soon. I could keep it in the smoker but I think its acquired the desired smokey flavor, I'm running out of wood, and Its time to get off this foot!
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