Pulled Pork - First smoke in my Oklahoma Joe's Highland

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Jul 4, 2018
Bought this smoker yesterday and got it seasoned. I have only used a MES30 before.

I decided to give a 7lb butt a try in here. It was last minute so I wanted to be quick. So I just used a premade rub(grill mates maple BBQ rub, I've heard it's pretty good) and injected with that creole stuff. This is pretty much just a practice run.
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Congrats on Ok Joe. I have one too, and love it. I run splits also and in my experience, mine likes to run 250- 270° with the air intake DOOR open about 3" to not suffocate fire... just me tho. Good luck!
6 hours 20 minutes in it's sitting at 172°. Been holding steady 230°. Figured out putting the wood on the cook rack of the fire box, about 20 minutes before I need new wood, helps ridiculously in transitioning. Barely any dirty smoke.
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