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  1. B

    Pulled Pork

    Over the weekend I decided to throw a piece of butt in the ol' smoker. Here's the journey. (This process comes courtesy of @Bearcarver.) Wife bought a 9# shoulder butt from Costco. I cut it down to smaller portions, seasoned them, vac sealed them, then threw them in the freezer. I took this 3#...
  2. C

    How to Slow Cook Boston Butt (bone-in)

    I'm throwing an outdoor pork BBQ later this month, to feed about 30 people. This will be first time I've tried cooking anything on the grill beyond dogs and burgers, so I'm looking for help on what temp + how long to slow cook what I have to get it to the point that the meat comes right off the...
  3. tedpoppke

    Rotisserie Pork Butt

    Hi, New to the forum. I have a Summit 6 Weber gas grill. And a 9.5 # bone-in pork butt that I want to grill in a couple of days. It will be 30 degrees outside and I have all day. Would like to use it on the rotisserie. Any suggestions? Ted
  4. R

    Not enough smoke

    Hey guys, I completed my 3rd smoke on my WSM yesterday. 6 pound butt at 225-250 with hickory and Apple wood. My temp was very consistent and I really only had to touch the bottom vents after getting my meat on once. After IT hit about 130/140 I noticed that I was not getting that thin blue smoke...
  5. R

    New MES 145S

    Smoker junkie here... Bought a new smoker at Sam’s knowing I’d eventually upgrade the controller with a PID. That being said I’m impressed with the controller accuracy so far. Flame boss I use for the BGE and MES are close enough for g00berment work! Happy smoking from Pennsylvania!
  6. gmc2003

    Brisket Flat and Boston Butt

    I guess in the smoking world one must learn to roll with the changes. It started off a little overcast here with the occasional light drizzle. So I decided to fire up the WSM and start a butt and a flat that I had defrosted. Then about an hour or so into the smoke it started raining cats and...
  7. cups

    Back at it!

    I was sidelined for the past couple years. But now I’m back. Got the grills cleaned up. The first one ready for service is the Camp Chef Woodwind pellet. I told myself I was going to be well thought out from now on. No more impulse cooks! I had the smoker ready for bout five seconds before I...
  8. seanysmokes

    Easter Pecan Butt

    Looking good after a few hours with some pecan chips. Did a basic BBQ rub & mustard binder with brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder & kosher salt and let sit overnight. Going to pair with smoked Mac N Cheese, corn bread, green beans and deviled eggs!! More pics to follow.
  9. C

    Pulled Pork - First smoke in my Oklahoma Joe's Highland

    Bought this smoker yesterday and got it seasoned. I have only used a MES30 before. I decided to give a 7lb butt a try in here. It was last minute so I wanted to be quick. So I just used a premade rub(grill mates maple BBQ rub, I've heard it's pretty good) and injected with that creole stuff...
  10. Jgurley561


    I've been experimenting with coffee and bourbon and fresh rosemary in my sweat box while smoking a butt. Anyone else tried it? I'm using hickory logs and a homemade rub of sugar, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika.
  11. schlotz

    So you want to try smoking your first Pork Shoulder

    There are many ways, and all of them can give great results. One of the reasons is that pork butts are very forgiving. Here is the recipe I usually pass on to those first starting with a smoker. The results are both predictable and repeatable. This recipe has never failed to delight who ever...
  12. jasonrmcc

    I could use a little wisdom...Shoulder @159 16 hours later.

    Hey Guys and Gals, Experience: I've been smoking for a little over a year and have done 7-8 shoulders/butts in that time, along with every other cut of meat known to man :) So not a total newbie, but lacking the experience of many of you "experts" that I rely on so often. Details: Smoker: MES...
  13. B

    smoking pulled pork/slow cooking combo

    Hey guys im just getting into the smoking world and loving it. Just looking for opinions on a few things...I'm having about 25 people over for a friends 30th bday on Saturday at 430pm. I offered to make pulled pork for everybody. It's my first time doing a pork butt. I bought 5 pork butts about...
  14. endo129

    Pork Butt Failure

    So, at my little girl's request, I smoked a butt on Thursday to make her favorite meal, but it turned out to be a disaster; my first complete failure on the smoker. Not long in to the smoke I noticed black liquid dripping on my deck. I looked under my SmokeVault 24" and saw this was dripping...
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