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    I was born in Columbus, GA on 11/11/38, but left when 12 years old as father was in military and we moved fairly often.  Graduated from high school in Panama, Canal Zone in 1957 and attended Valley Forge Military Academy and the USC in Columbia, SC where graduated in 1961.

    Upon graduation, moved to Charlotte, NC where I worked as an internal auditor for a Bank, then entered the field of Investment securities where I worked for 12 years.  Started my own business in commercial printing until leaving Charlotte in 1986, then going to Charleston,SC where I met my wife.  Retired in 1997 and moved from Charleston to Bakersville, NC in the western NC. mountains where we presently live.

    Became interested in smoker cooking quite by accident and this has happened very recently.  Could never cook any meats that had any flavor, even on the grill, so I decided to try smoker cooking.......and.....will probably buy my first smoker next week and it will be the vertical electrical model with the glass door, remote control, etc.  Been searching for a smoker cook book but with absolutely no success, so we tried the internet---thus, this website!

    I really look forward to joining this group and hope I will be able to contribute to the group as well as get many of my questions answered.  Will make every effort to keep you informed as to my progress after getting the smoker.  My first question, if anyone out there would care to answer, is :  how in the world do you cook pork ribs and have them turn out crispy on the outside when finished.  My wife has developed a sauce that is absolutly delicious, but can not cook decent ribs no matter what I have tried -- and that gave rise to the smoker experiment!!.

    Soooo, really look forward to working with you and look foward to hearing from anyone that would care to share.


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    Welcome Norman

    Glad you decided to join us
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    Welcome aboard!  You won't need a smoker cookbook now that you have this website.
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    Hello Norman and [​IMG]to SMF. 

    Please do us a favor and update your profile with your location 

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    Welcome aboard Norman!
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  7.  Welcome to the forum, Norman. Looks like this is the place for you.

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    Welcome aboard, Norman!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  9. Hello Norman and wife and welcome to SMF!

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    [​IMG]  to SMF Norman. You have come to the right place for smoking info. This site is loaded with great info just use the search bar at top of page to find what you are looking for. If you can't locate the answer just ask folks here are willing to share there knowledge. I suggest you take  the 5 day e-course on smoking its chuck full of great info. Smoking  5-Day e-Course

    As to how to do ribs the only way I do them any more is to use the 3 - 2 - 1 method for spares and the 2 - 2 - 1 for baby backs. The first number is the amount of time in the smoker with smoke, the second number is the time in smoker wrapped in foil with some liquid added with no smoke, the third number is the amount of time in the smoker unwrapped I also use smoke to firm them up. These times are approximate you need to experiment to find the right numbers that work for your taste. For a crisp outer layer you could throw them on a hot grill for a short time with a glaze.
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    Welcome to the SMF Family...Norman if you wish, Hover over my name you will see, " SEND PM " pop up. Send me what is in your Wifes BBQ sauce and How you have been cooking ribs to this point...I can trouble-shoot your problem and get back to you. Or you can Post the info in the Ribs Forum and 20 guys will get back to you..JJ
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  12. norman dials

    norman dials Newbie you have requested.....I live and have retired in Bakersville, North Carolina as of 7/2/97.  Bakersville in high up in the western NC mountains, very close to where the movie "Nell" was filmed.  Also, my "nick name" is Bozo, which aptly fits I might add, and has stuck with me for some unexplained (?) reason!  My e-mail address is :  [email protected].  Hope this is what you wanted to know.

    Best wishes for you and yours,


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