Pork Tenderloin, Roast Beef, and Whole chicken!

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Jun 11, 2013
Monroe, NC USA
Hey all,

I know i haven't posted in a good while (life happens) but i had a good if not short smoke this morning and i want to share with you what i made.

First is Pork Tenderloin. I injected it with teriyaki sauce for an Asian flavor. I like to inject Tls because they aso lean and i dont want them to dry out i was out of creole butter so my wife suggested the teriyaki so here it is..

i put it on the smoker at 275-295 for about two hours until it was 145 degrees IT and let it rest

Next is tonight dinner...a roast beef. I marinaded in Worcestershire sauce and covered it liberally in black pepper.

I smoked this on the smoker for 2.5 hours until it was about 160 IT. I know that is well done, not my fav but the women around here don't like pink in their roast beef.

finally i decided to do a whole chicken as well. i skinned the chicken and spatchcocked it. I covered it in Weber's roasted garlic and herb seasoning and then smoked it for 3.25 hours until 167 IT at the breast.

this one is going to be a Christmas present to my neighbor. I will take it over to them in a few minutes.

here is a shot of the meat on the smoker.

thanks for looking!  if im not on much in the next little bit please enjoy your Christmas or find solace in any holiday you celebrate!

Happy Smoking!

phatbac (Aaron)
Wow, you covered the whole gamut of delicacies, the only thing you don't have is a seafood with that! 

Great job Aaron

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