pork sirloin roast on the weber

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  1. I love my Weber, how did I live so long without it? It seems we're eating a lot of pork lately, that's what's been on sale :) this has avocado oil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, paprika.

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    Those are Beautiful! I have not seen anything like that. The Sirloin Roasts I tried years ago, was the back end of a Loin, bone-in. By the time you got the meat of the bone, there was not much left. Tasted great but too much waste...JJ
  3. These are boneless, got them as a 4 pack at costco. They are delicious, pretty lean, so I took them to 160 as my hubby isn't comfy with 145 lol. Definitely a slicing roast, not a shredder lol. These will make some delicious Sammys.
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    Those look very edible!!!  I don't recall ever seeing that cut of pork--looks like a really fine pork roast without all the fat.

    Nice job.

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    Great looking finished product !
    My local Winco sells those in 4packs labeled as " pork cushion ". If you're handy with a knife, they can be cut into boneless sirloin pork chops, country style boneless (mock) ribs, roasted whole, etc. I cooked up a batch of cubed chunks in a discada this weekend, and they were the most tender meat in the dish. For very inexpensive meat, it‘s realy versitile.
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  6. Thanks you guys!
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    Nice looking smoke! I'll be checking those out at Costco this week!
  8. Our eugene costco has them pretty regularly. We've really enjoyed these roasts. I made my husband an open-face sandwich (like a hot turkey sandwich) with the left overs and he loved that. You can slice these really thin so it worked great.
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    I have a 3 pack of pork cushions that I got at GFS, but it was my understanding that they were the "money muscle" from the shoulder picnic. I was planning on cooking to 205 and shredding.
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    That really sounds good to me! Thanks for sharing :)
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    A Cushion is cut from the large muscle of the Picnic, lower front leg...JJ

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    Pork shoulder cushions come from the pork shoulder picnic from the anterior side of the humerous bone; a triangular cut that is lean and flavorful. A slice or two from the cushion portion is usually removed prior to wrapping up a shoulder picnic to merchandise into cubed pork cutlets or pork stew for additional profits. A whole cushion can be removed from the side of the bone, then merchandised into more cutlets and stew and the remainder of the shoulder boned out for sausage, and the hock cut off and packaged in two's or four's as you process the entire case (a box usually contains 5-8 picnics depending on the packer and the meat manager decides the best merchandising of the case based on meatcounter needs and sales and profits objectives - one whole, two in half, two for hocks, cushions and pork stew and sausage, one whole sliced and tied, etc. - this is where cutting tests determine the best yields based on sale prices).

    Below is a pork shoulder picnic roast, the cushion is cut off the bottom side at the bottom of the picture, diagonally along the humerous bone to the middle of the end of the roast on the right side:

    (need to see about putting pix thru Paint to draw lines on them!):

    There, did it!

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  12. Well that answers that :)
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    Mmmm, the open face sandwich with gravy sounds great! I'd like to serve slices of this with sautéed Walla Walla sweets, apples and sauerkraut! Yumm!
  14. It's like you're my long lost twin lol.....
    Let me know when you throw one on the mini, I can be there by dinner time! That's one of our fave ways to eat pork loin too. When I was pregnant with my 6yo I craved sauerkraut so bad, i would eat it straight out of the jar. I put it on everything lol. But only the barrel-cured, not the canned!
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    That was a great smoke . I too enjoy a sliced Roast , but all the folks in my circle like it pulled , so that's how it's done .

    I can't help this and hope it dosen't offend , but all that Pork could have this effect . . .


    Have fun and . . .
  16. Ten more pounds and that's us lol

    Thanks, I love pulled pork too but this roast doesn't really lend itself to pulling. But ya gotta keep the masses happy right ?lol
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    That looks so moist wish I could find a cut like that here.BBB it would be.

  18. I was actually talking to my husband about how it would make awesome Canadian bacon! Bacon in any form is a winner :yahoo:
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    Nice lookin smoke !

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