Pork Loin on the new MES40

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Mar 14, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida
Well I came home this morning and was ready to get my smoke on.

This is what I was able to do today.

Started with a Pork Tenderloin approx. 3 lbs.

Gave it a little rub.


Then it was looking more like this.


Now some Bacon everyone says ya cant go wrong.


Fired up the smoker to 220 dagrees and let it go for a temp of 165 degrees inside meat.

Sprayed it with apple juice about once per hour.

Took it off and wrapped it in foil till time to eat.

Also cooked more sausage we love smoked sausage.

Now the tuff part this was all I was able to remember to take a pic of.


Pork Loin


Creamed corn (by wife)

Spiced rice (by wife)

Bisque (by wife)

End result a GOOD meal even went over to neighbor's to spread the smoke and they loved it also.

Just some good eats.

Ribs tomorrow.
If you rolled it up with bacon inside, what happened to the bacon? 
It looks like a great meal anyway!  I'm sure the neighbors are happy to have a smoker in the neighborhood.
We just took the bacon off did not eat that. Had the loin to dig into and it was good.
Dave it is ok I will be going more smoking and will get a eat of it.
so dont cry more to come. LOL
Just may try to smoke some bacon and give it a try but not eat the loin LOL I am new and trying hard and I will learn
X2 Plus one!

I'm glad he cleared that up---I almost went into shock!

The loin looks great.

X4 I think is the count...LOL

I saw the Bacon Police
hanging around your house today...
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