Pork butt

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Sep 11, 2016
Woke up this morning around 545 got the chimney going threw the coals in the smoker at 6 temp is 221 and throwing it on now
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At that cook temp it will probably take somewhere around 2 hours cook time per pound of meat to reach 200°. Jack that cook temp up to 300° and it'll be done much sooner, won't hurt the quality of the finished product one bit.
What I have learned from this cook..

225 will take forever lol, 8# PP

Kingsford is the way to go when I have longer then 4 hours to cook. The Walmart brand I used 1 1/2 bags of it.

When I did my first season and cook of ribs it lasted 12+ hours with kingsford whole bag

Brisket in two weeks I think so well maybe we will see if I'm working or not. Thank you for everyone that was watching
The PP sammie looks amazing!

I love mac & cheese too.

Great combo!

I sent you a point for a great smoke!

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