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Discussion in 'Pork' started by farmbureau, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    My wife bought me a Masterbuilt 40'' stainless steel smoker for Christmas and I'm going to smoke some pork butt and ribs Friday for the Razorback game! WOOOOOO PIIIIIGGGG SOOOOIIIEEEE! 

    Anyways, I bought 2 small pig butts only 3lbs each and a bunch of spare ribs today. I'm going to rub them both down tomorrow night and let them sit in the fridge. My question is on the pork butt do I need to let the injection sit all night along with the rub? Or do I inject a little before smoking?

    Also, I would love to hear some crowd pleasing rubs for the ribs and butts and what would be a good injection too?

    Thanks in advance.
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    First, welcome to SMF.  When you have a chance go over to the Roll Call area, post an intro there and get a proper SMF welcome.

    Personally, I don't inject my butts - that didn't sound quite right  [​IMG]. I give them a good rub, wrap in saran wrap and put in the fridge overnight. 

    Good luck.

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    I agree with Andy. Lots of risk with injection-- safety and taste. Rub, Wrap, Smoke, Chow. 

    I basic rub will work for both meats. Use the search feature on the site and search for rubs, and injections if you want. Lots of good stuff. The Wiki section is a good place too. 

    Butts Up!
  4. Ummm, HAHA!!!! Jus sayin... Had to comment. That made me laugh right there!

    And awesome profile pic there Zim! Pretty catchy.
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    I have brined butts but never injected them. If you inject you need to get the IT from 40-140 in  4 hours. Yes I know the USDA changed guide lines to 41-135 in 4 hours but the other is so easy to remember, and 5 degrees higher wont hurt, so if your 135 -140 in 4 hours your good to go. If there is cure in the injection then the 40-140 rule does not apply.
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    Dude, your wife is awesome. Enjoy your butts! that is all
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