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  1. Since my hand surgery this is the first thing I have smoked. I was going to keep it simple with just a pork Butt.

    "But" my #2 and Daughter in law cam by Saturday and Built me new gates, since I haven't been able. So A 30 pack

    of his favorite Beer and a couple of racks of Baby Backs.

    Sorry I don't have many pics  A real crappy day most of the day, rain off and on, My hand was bothering me and just wasn't up to par,

    But I did get a few

    Butt wrapped after 6 hours of Smoke  Ribs after 2.5 hours

    Butt resting on the counter

    Ahhhhhh  What a smell when unwrapped

    Look how clean that bone pilled out

    Wife said this was one of the best Butts in a long time

    Super tender and Juicy, Juicy       I used Hickory today

    Thanks for the Look
  2. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Gary.  Pretty good for a one handed cook.  That butt looks downright beautiful.  And, judging by how clean that bone came out, I just know that you've got one very tender butt.  Nice job.

  3. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    It all looks great!
  4. Thanks guys

  5. redheelerdog

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    Amazing good, even with a bad hand the man kills it!

  6. idahopz

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    Man, that looks fantastic - just the way PP should look.  Best wishes for a speedy hand recovery
  7. Thank you  I appreciate it

  8. tropics

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    That is the way I like to see the bone,it is a thing of beauty Thanks for sharing Points


  9. smokinal

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    Good stuff, Gary!

    Points to you Buddy!!

  10. Thank's Al

  11. bearcarver

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    Awesome---As Usual !![​IMG]-----------[​IMG]

    Looks like that hand won't be holding you back any longer!![​IMG]

    Nice Job![​IMG]

  12. Thank you Bear

  13. A little follow up on the ribs. I cooked these for #2 son and Daughter in law,  She likes wet and Sweet with just a little Heat. He always says Kick em up on the Heat.

    So I did one rack my usual way, On his I layered some heat. Along with my rub I put some Tony's, then when I got ready to wrap I went with a little butter, just a bit of honey, a little more Tony's Red Pepper and Sriracha .

    He said they were just right on the heat

  14. Like Bear Leftovers make great Sammie's. Especially pulled pork. I vac sealed about half and we had sandwiches a couple of times

    Have enough left for lunch today. I'll post a pick later

  15. OK   Here are a couple of Pics

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  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    MMMMMmm---Looks Mighty Tasty, Gary.[​IMG]

    I had 8 Sammies like that from Saturday through Tuesday, and I still froze some.[​IMG]

  17. bobwire

    bobwire Newbie

    when you wrapped the butt, did you use any juice or liquid? or just a dry wrap?
  18. Dry Wrap -----------    Just take it off the smoker , wrap it and back on.  Lots of juice in the 

    Foil when It was finished

  19. ammaturesmoker

    ammaturesmoker Smoking Fanatic

    Where is mine dude?
  20. waterinholebrew

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    Not sure how this great thread stuck past me ! That all looks very tasty Gary, real nice cook ! Thumbs Up

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