PitBoss Lexington not producing smoke

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Nov 19, 2023
I have a PitBoss Lexington. Yesterday I was trying to smoke a pork roll but was unable to get smoke on the smoke setting. Pot was clean and properly being fed. While on smoke setting I was seeing Temps of 330. After 2 hours of messing with it I set it tp 400 to cook the pork roll and all of a sudden the patio was a huge cloud of white smoke.
When you bump it to 400 it's going to dumping a lot of pellets in the pot and will create a lot of smoke.
Any idea why it won't smoke in the smoke setting?

330° temps will usually not give much visible smoke unless ...
You experienced the pellet dump as 02ebz06 02ebz06 described.

I have a different brand pellet pooper that uses the same style POS controller as Pitboss.
If I leave it in the "smoke" range on the dial at start up, it takes up to an hour to get the temps down into the smoke range with lots of lid opening. From there it is a crap shoot if the temps go up, go down, or hold.

If you want better smoke in your pooper use a pellet smoke tube such as

Then search normanaj normanaj for the u-bolt modification to tip the tube that both holds the pellets in the tube and slows the burn (at least as I've noticed).
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If its running at 330 on the smoke setting it sounds like a controller or temp probe issue. Have you used the smoke setting before and how old is the unit?
its about 2 years old and gets used at least once a week
Well if it worked fine previously I’m really tempted to say control board. Give it a dry run, maybe it was a freaky glitch. Pretty sure PitBoss has a 5yr warranty these days, give em a call.
Good to know thank you
Did you register your purchase/warranty with Pit Boss when you bought it?

Pit Boss makes an effort at customer service including a phone number that usually gets answered. If I am not mistaken the Lexington has a 5 year parts warranty. Might be worth a call to discuss...they often send replacement parts for units under warranty.

I bought the Brunswick vertical smoker from the same product series.....It's can be a real PITA from time to time.

Smoke tubes are your friend with most pellet poopers.
But heavy smoke after 140 can cause bitterness...manage it correctly.

Good luck.
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