Onion Bombs...

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Sep 19, 2018
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...or stuffed onions. This is the time of the year when Vidalia onions are readily available and I have plenty, just looking for something a little different to try. I did an interweb search for "Stuffed Vidalia Onions", which I've never tried before, and discovered that there are a ton of recipes. Also discovered that they can be called "onion bombs" which I had never heard of. Well I looked at a few recipes and ideas and here's what I put together, even though I'm sure this isn't the first time it's been tried my way.

- 2lbs of burger. I used some ground sirloin that I already had which was supposed to be 90% lean, more on that later :emoji_wink:
- Several large Vidalia onions, but any sweet onion should work just fine
- 2 large jalapeno peppers
- 1 8oz pack of fresh mushrooms coarsely chopped
- 1 1/2lbs thick sliced bacon
- About 2 TBSP of your favorite rub
- 4oz block of smoked Gouda, but you can use your favorite cheese
thumbnail (11).jpg

Cut the ends off of the onions and peel them. I used an apple corer to core the onions and a melon baller to scoop out the middle and form bowls. Just be sure to not cut through the bottoms.

thumbnail (1).jpg

I coarsely chopped the mushrooms, removed the seeds from the peppers and chopped them, too. Combine them with the burger and mix by hand. Mix in a couple of TBSP of your favorite rub, I used a standard BBQ blend that I make.
thumbnail (2).jpg

thumbnail (3).jpg

Stuff the mixture into the onion bowls. I wrapped each onion with 2 slices of the thick sliced bacon, securing them with toothpicks. I then shook a little bit more of my rub on top of each onion.
20210629_120802 (1).jpg

Time to smoke them. Because the bacon was hickory smoked, I chose maple, a mild smoking wood, to cook them with. Got my Weber smoking and on they went on the side at about 300℉.
thumbnail (4).jpg

About an hour later and the internal temp was around 155℉-160℉.

Time for some cheese. Two slices of the smoked Gouda. I used the Gouda because I already had it.
thumbnail (7).jpg

A few minutes to melt the cheese and they're ready to eat.
thumbnail (6).jpg


In the future I would use a fattier burger such as 80/20 or maybe 70/30. The ground sirloin, which was 90/10, was too dry. I actually considered hot Italian sausage, but I already had the ground sirloin. If I use ground beef again, would maybe cook to 145℉ and then top with the cheese. This recipe, using 2 lbs of burger, will easily do 10-12 onions. I had a good bit left over that will be used later along with the onion that I dug out of the middle. I only used about half of the 8 oz pack of mushrooms. As for the cheese, we like sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and Swiss and I will probably try one of them next time. Total time from prepping to eating was about 2 hours.
Man I love onion with my meat. These look DYNAMITE!! Adding to my short list of things to do.
Now that's the Bomb. That is bad as* I never thought of doing that so I'm adding that to my Independence Day celebration. Thanks
Looks good. I was wondering what happened to the Onion Guts? I need to try these. If I can find my Corer and Melon Baller. My kids steal my tools and cookware...JJ
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I need a new best friend... and I think you're him! That looks totally delicious!

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Those guys look awesome!
I think you are right about using Hot Italian Sausage.
I have some 1 lb. packages of it in the freezer & I think this would be a perfect July 4th meal.
Gonna give it a shot!
Thanks for motivating me!
Those look really tasty! How done/soft was the onion? Was it cooked enough to be soft and sweeter, or still a bit crispy/raw? I can't tell from the pic.
That does look good. Great write up and insight.
Thank you. I try hard to show exactly what I'm doing, right or wrong, and I'm always open to suggestions to improve what I've done.
Man I love onion with my meat. These look DYNAMITE!! Adding to my short list of things to do.
Thanks, Jeff. There isn't much about onion bombs on SMF so I had to resort to other resources.
Now that's the Bomb. That is bad as* I never thought of doing that so I'm adding that to my Independence Day celebration. Thanks
I had not thought of this either and I did an interweb search for info AFTER I searched SMF.
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