Old Bay Sausage

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What a great way to use your Yoder in a whole new way! The recipe sounds great and I love Old Bay - one of our favorite seasonings. The kicker here is to take a hickory/cherry blend smoke and you are going to have one of the best sausages ever. Congratulations. Keep in mind that you can use this and any other recipe for making sausage. If it is a ground pork base, then you are good to go. Just adjust the ingredients to your liking. I recently cooked sausage with a custom made spice blend similar to this, and it was also extremely wonderful.
Another fine post and great looking sausage, sir!
I tried your brat recipe from a while back, although I backed way back on the salt.
I love them and will make them again, but I want to try this one first. I've never had Old Bay but everyone says it's good.
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Hmmm, my Old Bay is showing 140mg of sodium per .6 grams of seasoning.
So did the Old Bay I looked at this morning at the store. I'm thinking the "magic" ingredient is the celery.
I plan to try this, but I'll add celery seed, hot pepper and paprika on my own, which looked like the main ingredients besides salt....
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