New ( to me) slicer came today.

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Nov 16, 2016
I bought a little Della 8.7 inch slicer and used it a couple times. I was not at all pleased with the way it worked and sold it to a co worker. I made him aware of the reason I didn't want it, but he said  this slicer was better than none. Both of us happy.

 I finally found this little gem on Ebay for 184.99 shipped. General Slicing SM-12 12 inch slicer. Was not prepared for the size of it, but I am one happy man right now.
That's a great buy if the sharpening stones & the blade are in good shape!

I have a 12" Torrey & those big slicers are nice to slice on, but a pain to move around & clean!

I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with your new toy!

Congrats on a great score!

Yes this thing is a massive beast. Not sure on where I am going to store it yet.The blade and stones appear to be in good shape. The sharpening stones are there and not broken or chipped, but I haven't used them yet.

Zeny Electric Meat Slicer New Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer

This is also a beast to move but it's the best slicer I have found. The user manual is written in a mix of Chinese and English and is of no use. I bought this on sale on Amazon prime for about $288.  

Nice. I'm looking forward to using mine.

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Got it cleaned up and ready to go. Bacon goes in the smoker tomorrow, can't wait to use it.
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