new to board love the q!!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 21, 2007
new to this board lots of great info it seems,been bar-b-quing for about 10 years,been seriously queing about 3 years getting involved now in competitions and looking to eventually open lil bar-b-q shack,have several cookers, char-griller sidewinder,a brinkman roadmaster my step son loaned me about 5 years ago and never picked up and my latest addition,at an auction i purchased a grill built 15 years ago a local bar-b-q joint had it's 15 foot long with tongue the cooker itself is 12foot long.
Be sure and show us some pix of that 12 ft.
Nice to see you on the forum. Please feel free to share your adventures and to draw from the information provided by the good folks on this forum. Have fun.
thanks all for the reponse,i'm in columbus ms. looks like a grill carlot at my house so to speak!! lol quick as i can get set up i'll post some pics,cooked about 120 lbs of butts this past weekend,man i love doing the q!!
Welcome to the forum Daddio you have found the happening place. Sure would like to see a pic of that smoker.
Welcome to SMF....looks like maybe we should be calling you BIG DADDIO
with a smoker that big,love to see some pics
120 pounds of pork butt!!! WOW, now that is some serious pulling right there.

Welcome to SMF Daddio, looking forward to seeing you in the forums!!

Welcome Daddio! You have found the friendliest place on the net!

Can't wait to see that big rig of yours!
ol big mamma jamma needs some work,doors need adjustments needs painting it sat for a couple years when the b-b-q joint put her out to pasture and i was gonna get all that done before i started to use it..........but man i couldn't wait!!!!!! i had to fire that big momma up!!!
granted my wood pile goes down faster now but what a fine q cooking rig this is gonna be leaks and all!! lol still gonna get it all done if i can just quit cooking in the thing! gonna try doing some pics of it this afternoon and post tonight.she ain't pretty,beauty is on the inside...where the que is!!lol is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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