New smoker has unexpectedly arrived

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Jul 18, 2006
Caseyville, IL
So a buddy of mine owns and hvac business, and i got this from him for free. Work starts this weekend on it, you can see my old pull handle fridge smoker next to it. Ive been gone fro here a while, been busy with work, but im retired now due to injury...anyways, here is the new beast, shes a bigggg girl lol
Installed the stack on top today, also built a cold smoke generator. Did the black iron pipe parts setup with an inner air tube run off an aquarium pump i mounted underneath. For the chip chamber and burn area i used a section of fence post with post caps on top and bottom. I need to get some high temp epoxy or weld the small gap at the holes where the black iron goes through the post.
Just scored a 3 rpm gear motor for free!!! It was at an industrial plant i just happend to be at today and i spotted it in the scrap pile. Guy said he thinks its for an old conveyor belt system that has been replaced. This was a backup/replacement that never got used. So, obviously you know what this thing is going to become. I swear this thing could probably twist your hand off.
Wow, that's one helluva motor!  220?  In a smoker, I cannot fathom what you would use that for unless you are making and compressing your own pellets for a pellet burner on the fly from raw wood...
Ooohhh, didn't even think about a rotisserie.

Shoot, that motor will spin a whole cow! Mount that sucker in a walk in freezer converted into a smoker and I think you've got a winner!
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Ooohhh, didn't even think about a rotisserie.

Shoot, that motor will spin a whole cow! Mount that sucker in a walk in freezer converted into a smoker and I think you've got a winner!
Now thats what Im talkin!

an a side note, I like the looks of that old pull handle fridge .
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No its not a 220, but it does take a 10mfd run capacitor. the rotisserie install im putting on hold for a bit. I want to reinforce the area around where i mount the motor, as well as have it in a weatherproof housing, and i cant make up my mind how i want to do either yet.
Oh and ya i loved my pull handle fridge, i had no plans to get rid of it until i was given this freezer. I gave it to one of my best friends who lost his smoker in a tstorm w some wicked microburst winds, his gas grill got wrecked like a car into his house, and nothing but the base of his smoker was left lol :rotflmao:so he has been without all year and hes someone who smokes food weekly like myself, so the pull handle was a huge upgrade for him.

I will try and get some pics up today, i have the pid controller in, the heating element installed, and removed the fence post smoke generator, the thing worked great, but the chips got clogged up in it. So i just made the drink mix shaker version for a smoke generator. I had planned to use wood chunks on the heating element, but then i thought, why???? Why put my heating element through the wear of that? So ive done two smokes so far in it, a 3lb turkey breast, and about a 4 lb eye of round. Both came out AMAZING!!! Sorry no turkey pic, but heres the eye of round, smoked at 225-230, pulled at 135-140.
After i pulled it i wrapped it in seran wrap then a towell and rested it for bout 15-20 mins, ive always used seran wrap for wrapping and resting meats. Not that foil is wrong, i just prefer the results of plastic wrap and how it seals it up so tight.
Well ive done 5 smokes in this, and one 6 hour dry run at 350. As an hvac tech, im not on board with removal of foam insulation. I see zero evidence of an degradation in the insulation. Not sayin that years down the road it wont need replaced, but i doubt it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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