Need a good Turkey recipe for my MES.

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Mar 15, 2011
Buying an MES today.  Hope to season it tonight.  Cook chicken on it tomorrow, but then a Turkey on Sunday.

I need a good recipe.  I need a brine.  I need a good rub. Cook temp and time. (I will also use a meat therm).  Spritz?

PS: Recipe can't be too spicey.  Mom has a weak stomach. 

What wood is best for Turkey?

Any other tips?
There are many ways to cook a turkey. You could put smoked turkey in the search box & get all kinds of ideas. Personally I like beer can turkey. It's easy just get a big can of Fosters, drink half of it, pour some rub in & jam it up the turkeys behind. Put a potato in the neck & smoke it. If you want to get creative inject it with chicken broth & butter then rub it down with your favorite rub. If you want to go 1 step further brine it first.
Going to try the Slaughterhouse recipe.  But what temperature and how long?  I will be doing a 20 pound turkey.  (I know....Its big but that is what my momma thawed)  I will use a thermometer as well, but I'm trying to plan the time. 

Edited to add:   I now have been reading that I can't do a 20 pound turkey safely.  My MES only goes up to 275.  Can I start it in the oven on a higher temp and move it to the smoker?   If so, what do you guys recommend as temps and times?
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Since it's that large a turkey I would spatchcock it. That means removing the backbone & breaking the breast bone so the turkey lays out flat. That way you will get it past 140 in less than 4 hours. Type in spatchcock in the search box, also utube has some videos on how to spatchcock a turkey. If you want crispy skin you will have to approach 300 degrees in your MES. If yours won't run that hot you can crisp up the skin on a hot grill when the turkey is done or in the oven on broil for a few minutes. Good luck & don't forget the Qview!
Thanks for the Spatchcock advice.  It worked very well.  In fact, it worked too well.  Since I was concerned about the bacteria issue, I smoked it at 275 degrees.  It was windy and maybe 55 degrees.  My temperature inside seemed to hover around 240 to 250. I planned on 7 to 8 hours but the bird reached an internal temperature of 170 degrees in 5 hours.  I even ran to the store and bought two thermometers (probe and instant).  I put the turkey in tinfoil, blankets and a cooler.  Stayed hot for hours.  I guess spatchcocking really does slow down the process, either that or my MES cycling on so many times to keep it hot caused it to cook faster.....not sure. 

I tried the Slaughterhouse brine.  As for the rub, I only put on garlic powder, pepper and some olive oil.  I basted twice with apple juice.  I think the sage in the brine made the bird taste a bit off.  It was beautiful and juicy but the taste was a bit wrong.  Not bad, just not great.    (I didn't put the cajun spice on because my mom can't handle spicey stuff)

So, send me some more turkey recipes.  I want something that brings out the natural flavor.  
It sure looks good Nimrod! Congrats! There are a million rubs & brines. If you want to get more natural flavor just keep it simple. For the brine just start with equal parts sugar & salt, and go from there. Adding some spices like onion powder & garlic powder. Simple spices that you & your family like. Keep experimenting and you will find what works for you.
here some of my brine recipe hope one can help you out:                              #4   alround brine:

#1-- 1 gallon of water    1qt. apple juice to cover bird                                                   2 gallons water      2c kosher salt     2 c sugar    2tbsp morton tender quick

2 c kosher salt    1 c maple syrup   1 tbsp thyme                                                       2 tbsp onion powder    2 tbsp garlic powder     2 tbsp paprika  1 tbsp white pepper

3 bay leaves   2tbsp peppercorns   1/2 c apple cider vinager                                        1 tbsp mustard powder     1tbsp sage   1 tbsp nutmeg

3 coves of garlic (chopped)  1 c bourban  1c brown sugar

#2 1 gallon of water     2 qts apple juice     2qts orange juice                                   #5  2 gallons of water     2c kosher salt  1 c white sugar   

                                                                                                                              1/2 lbs of jalapendo (around 4-5     2tbsp red pepper flakes

     2 c kosher salt    1 c brown sugar    5 cloves garlic

     1 c bourban       1 botttle zinfandel wine   5-6 springes of rosemary

#3 2 qts vegable or chicken broth     1 c kosher salt    1 c brown sugar

     1tbs rosemary   1tbsp sage    1tbsp thyme    2 qts. ice water

     4-5 tarragon

make sure all ingrediates are disslved in the water by boiling -then cool down

before adding to bird and add ice to keep bird cool below 40 degrees 

i put my bird in a garbage bag then into 5 gallon bucket ..or cooler

after takeing bird out pat dry add rub ready to smoke
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