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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by memphis212, May 26, 2015.

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    I have a gathering of my maintenence crew from work coming up, I plan to smoke 2 8# boston Butt. My question is of course what temp and how long? just a what time do I need to start it smoking kind of curiosity.
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    How much time you want to take will determine at what temp you want to smoke those butts.  Two 8 lbs butts will take the same amount of time as one 8 lb butt.  I've done butts at every temp possible on my smoker.   

    Low n slow: At 225F you're looking 12-16 hours, no wrapping.

    Your electric smoker most likely has a max temp of 275F.  You can cut your max smoking time to 8-12 hours running at 275F, no wrapping.

    You can definitely finish in 7-8 hours if you smoke them at 275F until the IT is 175-180F, then wrap them in a roasting pan with a cup of apple juice and put them in your kitchen oven at 350F until the IT is 203-205F.  You'll still get great bark and they'll be done quicker.

    In all cases above they need to rest a couple hours before you pull the meat apart.  Take a taste and adjust the flavor profile with a little more rub, finishing sauce, BBQ sauce, apple juice, whatever you want to use.   

    I prefer to smoke mine a day or two before I'm going to serve it.  I don't inject but I do save the wrapping juices, let the juices separate overnight in the fridge, discard the fat and put the gelatin back in the pulled meat the next day.  I think PP tastes better the next day but many folks prefer it right off the smoker.     
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    I can not suggest highly enough, smoke it ahead of time. Never cook a butt on the clock. I have had a 10 lb butt take 29 hours and I have had a 10 lb butt take 13 hours. I realize these two are a huge margin but I cooked 'em both in the last 6 months using the exact same cooking method using the same smoker.

    You can never go by time temp with a Butt. Remote thermometers are sold everywhere these days and guaranty a safe delicious and juicy end product. They are inexpensive and will make you look like a champ.

    Get a practice run done before the needed meat. Keeps you from needing Pizza Place's phone number.

    Of course the above is great info. Just try and cook it ahead and you'll be the talk of the Dept.

    Do a search and get JJ's finishing sauce.... Its great (I add a bit of apple cider and  a little honey to mine also).
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    Good advice here since it sounds like this is a first run. You DON'T want Hungry men staring you down! Here are my  Finishing Sauces Foam suggested...JJ

    Foiling Juice / Sweet Pulled Pork Finishing Sauce

    Foiling Juice

    For each Rack of Ribs Combine:

    1T Pork Rub, yours

    1/2 Stick Butter

    1/2C Cane Syrup... Dark Corn Syrup...or Honey

    1/4C Apple Cider...or Juice

    1T Molasses

    Optional: 2T Apple Cider Vinegar. Add 2T Mustard and 1/4C Ketchup to make it more of a KC Glaze.

    Simmer until a syrupy consistency.

    Allow to cool for 5 minutes, pour over foiled Ribs and

    run your 2 hour phase of 3-2-1. For the last phase return

    the ribs to the smoker BUT reserve any Juice remaining

    in the Foil. Simmer the Juice over med/low heat to reduce to a saucy thickness. Glaze the Ribs for presentation or service.

    For a Sweet Finishing Sauce for Pulled Pork:  Make a Double batch, skip the Butter.

    Add 1/2 the batch to the Foil Pack or place it in a Pan with your Butt, when the IT hits 165*F.

    Cover the pan with foil and continue to heat to 205*F for pulling.

    At 205* rest or hold the Butt in a cooler wrapped in towels until ready to serve.

    Pull the Pork and place it back in the pan with the pan Juices and any additional reserved Foiling Juice to moisten and Serve...OR... Bag and refrigerate until needed.

    When re-heating place the Pulled Pork in a Pan or Crock pot and add reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider, as needed to make up the Juice that was absorbed while  the pork was refrigerated. Cover and re-heat in a pre-heated 325-350*F oven or on High in the crock pot to 165*F and Serve.

    Note: the addition of the reserved Foiling Juice or Apple Cider should make the PP moist but not Swimming.

    I was AMAZED...No additional sauce needed. ENJOY...JJ

    Tangy Pulled Pork Finishing Sauce

    This is more of an Eastern North Carolina style Finishing Sauce...

    2 C Apple Cider Vinegar

    2T Worcestershire Sauce or more to taste

    1/4C Brown Sugar

    1T Smoked Paprika

    2 tsp Granulated Garlic

    2 tsp Granulated Onion

    2 tsp Fine Grind Black Pepper

    1 tsp Celery Salt

    1 tsp Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Flake. Add more if you like Heat.

    1/2 tsp Grnd Allspice

    Combine all and whisk well. This is a thin sauce, bring just to a simmer and remove from heat. Adjust sweetness by adding Brn Sugar or additional Vinegar as desired...Makes about 2 Cups.

    For a Lexington Style Dip  add, 1/2C Ketchup and 1-3tsp Red Pepper Flakes...JJ
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    Maintenance crew chiefs wouldn't regularly send a skilled mechanic to do an electrician's job.  Nor should the boss attempt to perform something with limited experience in front of their crew. Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and do a trial run on the family FIRST.  The good news here is that pork butt is very forgiving.   As others have mentioned butt's can have a mind of their own, they get done when they feel like it [​IMG].  There are many methods to smoking butts and all of them work.  The answer to your question can vary, and having more information will help, i.e. knowing what are the limiting parameters surrounding your up coming event.  How much time do you personally have available to accomplish the smoke prior to the event? What equipment are you using? How many people? Will this be at your home or will the meat then be transported back to work or wherever?  
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    I did a small test butt on this past Saturday. Took 5.5 hr for a 3.5# half butt. It came out good but I had to shred it and put if oven to render fat out. It was a particularly fatty cut. Came out very good. Had plenty of bark and was tender. Gonna try the butt for the upcoming event on Friday. That way we can get burgers if it goes terribly wrong. :)

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