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My latest creation....


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Joined Apr 27, 2014
Looks great! Heck of a build

I wanted to ask about the griddle you made, I had the same idea talking with my boss he wants the same thing for at home.

Wondering if you have used it stove top like you pictured, and how it preformed hot/cool spots or warpage?

Thanks, Dave
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qwikrnu bbq

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Thanks for all the compliments folks. I greatly appreciate them.
Haven't used it on the stovetop. I just brought it in at that time to get some oil on it and bake it in. Only half of it would fit in the oven at one time so I turned it up to 425  and kept rotating it while applying veg oil. smoked the house up a little; Wife was not happy. LOL. But anyway, I have used it on the grill end of the pit over top a wood fire to cook breakfast. Even heat, no hot spots, no warpage. (Used the Fluke to check for heat differences)

  I have built a few of these using lighter material (1/4" plate) and they did have a hot spot while on the camp chef stove; directly over the burners. On this one I used 3/8 diamond plate for the bottom. Although very heavy, I believe this made for better heat distribution and more even heat through to the cooking surface. Ideal for a mean steamed Philly cheese steak Sammy!

 Dang it.........now Im hungry....

dragons breath

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Wow I don't know how I missed this build. Great job.

You put a French fry cutter on it so you must have a deep fryer somewhere?

I like your ideas of putting anything and everything you want or might need. Which means this one isn't quite finished yet.

I think this is the first "Argentine style grill" I have seen. I have a Santa Maria style which is open.

Keep the pics of the new stuff you build coming.



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This is a great looking rig. Do you have more details on how you made the mechanism for the grill portion? You have some mad fab skills! Great job!

west tex smoker

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Disassembled and sandblasted....

And a fresh coat....

Added a shelf...

First fire up...

Started to finish out the inside...

Still a way to go. But at least I was able to cook Thanksgiving dinner on it. Added a swing out camp chef stove...

Working on propane tank mounts now. Also playing with adding a pipe burner under the RF plate. Still have a lot  of thinking to do on this yet...This is the first pipe burner I've built. Anyone have an idea on what size regulator I need to run this thing properly?? Its 5 foot long 1-1/2" pipe. In this pic its hooked to a standard bbq grill reg. I think it burn a bit hotter.

This is a very awesome build my friend.  I am new to the forum and your build caught my attention as I have begun gathering materials for a large build myself.

I am curious about the pipe burner under the RF plate did you ever do that and if so how did it work out? I have a design in mind for something similar and I may need to do it as my pit is a 16' x 42" 1000 gal propane tank. (yes it is my intention to cook large amounts of meat).  With my CC being so big I know I will need a very large FB to ever get the heat that I need, but I my thought was that perhaps I could have a burner of some type to regulate the heat and then I would only need a FB to produce the smoke.

I do not intend to use this for any competition so the gas assist wont be a problem if it works.

Thanks for any thoughts


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