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Master of the Pit
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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Had the smoker out after the night Buckboard Bacon smoke, thought I might as well keep on smoking. Can't get much hotter.

So I loaded in 3 JD fattys, 2 sage, 1 reg. 3 chubs of Frick's bologna (baloney down where I'm from), 2 with mustard and Arthur Bryant's Rub, 1 plain, and......... yep, a hunka hunka SPAM on the top rack. Plain.
Never smoked SPAM before, not much of a SPAM person. But it is GOOD smoked 3 hours with hickory! Totally changes the flavor.

Well then, I guess smoke really DOES make everything better. all you need now is a dallop of Daisy and you'll be in heaven
You'd make a killing on the big island, they loooove spam. I enjoy it too!
What a retirement!
Buy a Lang, have it shipped over. Set up a direct account with Hormel. Smoke mass amounts of SPAM and sell it to the natives. Make a killing.
Lay back in the shade in a hammock with "something cool to drink" in a coconut shell with a little umbrella and watch the smoker. Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals, sunglasses. Oh yeahhhhh. It COULD work!
have you been into my private stash of Mai Tai? I don't blame you. Your product could use the name "The Bam Spam."
My thoughts exactly, I was reading down the post and about to post the same thing when I came to yours, what do they say about great minds
Way to go Mike.

IIRC a number of years ago, Hormel did offer Smoked Spam. It was one of those things that sounded like a good idea but an idea that didn't really take off.

I tried it 3-4 times and it seemed like there wasn't any consistancy to the smoke flavoring. One can would be really strong and the next was hardly noticible. One thing I did find out in a hurry was that smoked spam right out of the can was crappy tasting; it was much better tasting when it was heated up.

One thing missing from your discription of your "retirement" . . . ya gotta have a couple of them pretty Island gal on hand to bring you them drinks so you don't have to get out of the hammock!
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