More fermenting fun for pickles , sauce and more

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Jun 13, 2017
Northeast Ohio
Didn't get as much done today with some side trips to the vet for my buddy Oscar but did get these done. Left to right is cukes for dill pickles, green beans for some zesty dilly beans and lastly mixed hot and sweet banana peppers with mustard seed and dill seed. I'll be doing a pepper mustard dill sauce with that. This is gen 2 for that sauce with this year adding the dill. This one is all about flavor not heat. Likely only do 3 weeks on that. I've got another batch of dills I'll probably stop at 4-6 days for half sours and let this batch go a couple weeks for full sours. Beans will go a couple weeks. Both two week batches will get a taste around 10 days and if good will pull early. Thanks for looking. Planned on blending the final batch of hABSOLUTION sauce but calling it a day. Top pic is th first batch blended and rested. Very habanero forward sauce being 100% red habanero with a touch of garlic and onion. Very pleased with it as were my three taste tester families. I need to work on labels next. Thanks for looking!
We're gonna have to change your user name to Pickled if you keep this pace up Jeff. It all looks fantastic to me.

Point for sure
Looking great Jeff! I bet your neighbors will never let you move away!

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