Moose Sirloin Tip Roast

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Dec 10, 2016
Campbell River, BC
So here we go, I thought I'd try and meld a few different methods here.  The stuff :

Brined and in the fridge :

Never mind the Italian sausage, it's a Christmas gift for my sister.

And there she sits until tomorrow.  I will be cold smoking this roast for a couple hours tomorrow am, then doing a salt bake on this roast.  I know it's not a prime rib,but it's a moose I hunted, and I want to make the most of it.
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So of course today is the day my meat thermometer decides it doesn't like me anymore.  I had my suspicions last night while I was cold smoking and it was reading way high.  So I've confirmed it with the ice water\boiling water method, and yep,it's buggered.  It won't read below 80 F, and it seems to pick up actual temp at about 150 F as the water heats up.  It reads 217 when the water is boiling though.  So I certainly can't trust it.  The wife is out getting some Christmas gifts, so hopefully she can find another one today.

The kicker is, is that last week I ordered a Maverick -735, and of course Canada Post tracking says it will be here tomorrow !  Oh well, I am sure I'll find a use for another one.
Make some bacon bits

Use the bacon fat to coat some potatoes, then kosher salt on the outside

A couple portabello mushrooms

The mushroom guts, a few bacon bits, a can of tiny shrimp, and a block of cream cheese

And stuffed, ready for the smoker.  I poked a bunch of toothpick holes in the bottom to drain the moisture.

The roast in the salt

And now we wait, with some whiskey and smoked ice cubes

Lets see what happens !
so after the whiskey, and subsequent events, I forgot to finish this.

About halfway through a 2 hr cold smoke.  It's dripping, I guess I didn't dry it enough ?

Anyway, here's the portabellas all finished.  These were pretty much the highlight of the meal.

But here is the thing that was supposed to be the highlight, I'm not sure what happened here.  If anyone who has done this can shed some light, I would much appreciate it.  I pulled the meat at 125 IT, and set it aside until the potatoes were done.  Next thing I know, the IT has risen to 150 and still climbing.  I think that the salt cake retained enough heat to push the IT up after it was brought out of the oven.  In the future, when I do this again (and I most certainly will) after I pull the meat, I will get it out of the salt as quick as possible, then rest as normal.

All in all, it turned out pretty good.  The moose was a bit overdone, but still tender and moist.  The potatoes were great, as was the asparagus with the smoked butter.  Lessons learned.  

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