MES40 Ribs 321

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Mar 14, 2011
Jacksonville, Florida
OK here is the ribs I smoked today.

Used Jeffs rub on them.

On the rack.


On the rack and in the foil.


Just off the smoker



Look they even had pull away.

They look great nice job
Ribs look great! I'll be having a few bones for lunch today... Is it lunch time yet???

So this is how good they were the wife who does not eat ribs she ate 2 of them. She made the comment that the smoker was a very good investment.Guess that is a seal of approval.
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Looks delicious! My wife was a tad bit skeptical about our smoker investment as well. Lets hope I can get the same response out of her.
My wife was a little skeptical at first, but when she tasted real smoked food she changed her mind. Then she realized I was doing the cooking and she really got on board!
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You guys are lucky!

Mrs Bear would rather eat mushy Pork from the crock pot, and ribs and chuckies from the oven, than from a smoker.

I just tell her, "We ate all of that non-smoked stuff for our first 42 years of wedlock---Now it's my turn!"

However, she does like my Bacon, CB, and BBB better than any store bought stuff.

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