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    Am I understanding the group correctly?  Most favor the Masterbuilt Smokehouses in spite of all of the other comments about its problems with maintaining the correct internal temperature, etc.  Am I missing something?  The Pro Smoker from Cabellas seems to deal very well with the internal temp issues.  From the gathered wisdom of the group, does any other electric smoker do the same?

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    Not sure where you are getting your information but I for one have no problems whatsoever with my masterbuilt MES 40.  It is one of the finest smokers out there,  Believe me I have tried the EXPENSIVE BRADLEY and they are a POS.
  3. Padre; with any smoker it is very important to monitor your chamber temperatures with a quality thermometer. Many of us folks here use a maverick et-73 or the new maverick et-732 dual probe thermometers.  The only problems i have seen is the chamber temps on some masterbuilt smokers don't match the digital readout on the smoker. When i set my masterbuilt smoker to 220 my maverick reads 234 so mine is 14 degrees off. This is no big concern to me as i can adjust accordingly. There is a known right side hot spot on masterbuilt smokers but the inventive people here have come up with more than one cure for that. A quick search will help you there. Also a masterbuilt tech man is a member here and has helped people with problems they have had with their masterbuilts. Their customer service is great and they will help a guy out in a hurry. I'm sure more folks here will help you with your masterbuilt question but for the money a masterbuilt smoker is tough to beat.     Len
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    I was wondering the same thing I looked at a MES 40 at Sam's last fall and I was impressed with it both the build and quality. I use a traditional Bradley with a PID controller (it's true the digital bradleys aren't what they are cracked up to be) but really liked the MES40. After looking at reviews online I'm a little disillusioned with some points of construction, having to replace the wiring with heatproof wires, if the burner goes out you have to to replace the outer shell.

    I understand ongoing product improvement and I would assume the burner issue has been modified so as you can replace just the burner. Then again I don't know how old the reviews were so I can't form an opinion on the unit, so school me on these points if you would please.
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    1. The wiring issue is on the older units. (even on those that is a minor repair)
    2. The new MES 40 units have a replaceable element in case it ever needs replacing.
    3. The Newest MES 40s also have wheels and a remote Thermometer.  They just keep getting better.
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    I agree with all of the above. The MES is a quality smoker with great customer service. Padre, there are so many MES owners on this site & 99% of them have never had a problem with their units. I had one of the older one's & recently sold it to a friend & it's still working fine. He loves it.
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    The MES 30" and 40" got bad press on their older units, because of some flaws in their design.  Masterbuilt has made great strides to improve their products, without increasing the price.  Their latest models have had little problems and added a remote control controller & wheels,

    I own (2) 40" MES and at least (1) runs just about every day.  I have logged more hours on them than most. In December, I ran at my MES at 225° for almost 2 weeks straight, while testing one of my little gadgets.  The outside temps were below 20° the entire time and it held temps well.  The digital controller is not very accurate, and mine can be as much as 25°-30° off, depending on the temp.  I set the controller at 200° to maintain 225° at the middle grate.  If I set my controller to 275°, the grate temp can climb well over 300°.  I monitor the grate temp with a Maverick ET-732.

    Even though the controller temps seem to be off, the meat probe seems to be fairly accurate.

    I looked at Cabelas Pro 100 and it seems to be a great unit.  Like most of us on a budget, $1,299.99 vs. $298.99 for the MES is a little tough on the wallet.

    Any smoker you buy has a learning curve, and once you figure it out, you're gonna make some great Q

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    You can always buy a stick burner and not have any of those mechanical or electrical issues.  Wood technology has been around a long time,  that electric business has only been going on for a hundred years or so.
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    I think even BMWs aren't perfect.

    Once you learn how your MES works, I would think pound for pound, or dollar for dollar, it's the best smoker on the market.

    I love both of mine.

    Having my MES 40 & an AMNS, makes my smoking life sooooo easy!

  10. I have only had mine a few weeks now, But did my homework before i purchased it. With the help of the people on here I decided to give it a try. I have done a few big smokes on it and everything has turned out great.I think Masterbuilts new slogan should be " Its so easy a caveman can do it "
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    I have one of the older MES 40" and yes i have had a few problems w/ it . But nothing a little high temp wire and a battery drill could't fix. The newer units have not had these problems so i guess masterbuilt listened and learned.

     I would buy another MES 40" in a heart beat. Vary easy to use and puts out some great smokes.
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    Thanks for clearing those questions up for me , I appreciate it, take care.

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