Meatloaf again.. rolling now cooking pics added as it progresses

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Jan 1, 2020
Sacramento, Calif.
Hey All,

Gonna roll some meatloaf again. Cherry smoke with some jalapenos, red onions, texas beef, cow cover, cherrry habenaro Kosmos in the mix. ran it up to 285 for 15 at end but really it didn't need it. Pulled at 153 accounting for carry over. I will post an interior cut pic when it is finished cooling. It turned out awesome best loaf yet.


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Thanks yeah rendering is kinda a pain in the butt lol. Think I am gonna sauce the loaf with some cherry hab. I need to find something a little bolder than Rays to cut it with in the future maybe I'll try 50/50 with Stubbs. Rays and the hab just a little too sweet.
I've basically found thru trial and error that: When the bacon is done the meatloaf or fattie is done. I usually smoke them around 250 to 275*.

I quit using the weave for fatties, because you have 2 layers of bacon, and the bottom bacon doesn’t get done enough for me. I just wrap the fattie in one layer of bacon.
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