Made David's Potato Crusted Sausages (Pics)

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Not to take away from Roberts post of great food but this is what he got his inspiration from and
I am glad he did.
Thank you David. I'm glad you did, and I did, and we all did. This is something really special...and just a ton of fun. You aren't gonna get this at the drive thru at McDonald's, I can assure you of that, or any place else for that matter.

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Good grief Robert!
That meal has every comfort food in it including that salad!
I think I may have some of that sausage, so, one more for the ToDo list!
Thanks so much Al. It was definitely a twist on down home comfort food....and yes sir, you do have a couple of those sausages as I recall :emoji_wink:

Yes Robert, around here mashed potatoes need gravy...:emoji_laughing: I like that and will add that to my list for when I don't have a crowd.
David's thread got my attention also....obviously :emoji_laughing: Glad you like my rendition of it but his execution was vastly better. I agree with your concept of not doing these for a large crowd unless you can get some help. They take a bit of time to put together.

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