Meat Rubs

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Jul 3, 2005
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Thought I'd share with you folks what a good rub should look like before it hits the Pit. This is over 60 Lbs. of meat that I cooked for our annual Labor Day Party and Barbeque. It should be noted that this will be our LAST September BBQ! I appears that we are in a high Hurricane cycle here in Florida............last years Labor Day party was ruined by Hurricane Frances and almost Kiboshed by Katrina this year!!! Such is Life! LOL!!!

Regarless of meat type, always remember to slather and coat with prepared yellow mustard first! Besides acting as a binding agent it assists in the breakdown of collegen and conective tissue.

There's only one person I've shared my recipes with (and you know who you are!). If he divulges these secrets, I'll have to make a long trip up North! LOL!!!

Some people like to utilize Chili Powder and Cumin in their Pork rub.......this is a No-No in my book. To each his own, but I prefer a spicy/sweet herb rub without the use of these spices, when it comes to Pork.

One thing I will impart with you is the use of a "double" rub. What I mean by this is: 1 day prior to cooking, I wash and rub the meat (including the mustard). Then it is wrapped in Saran Wrap and placed in the Fridge for 24 hours. The day of cooking I unwrap it and allow it to assume room temperature. Just before it hits the Pit, I coat it good with one more layer of Rub (no mustard) and throw them on the racks! Not withstanding the mop or spray you use during Pit tending, this produces a "Bark" that your guests will be talking about for weeks!

Enjoy the "Thin Blue Smoke"!



Nice photos Jeff!! I'm a believer in the double rub method too. The last time I did ribs I forgot to do the double rub on one of the racks and I could tell that there was something very different about that rack. Nobody complained and there were no ribs left for evidence that I goofed!! :P :D

I can tell you that everyone came with their appetites this time! I never even tasted the Fresh Ham or Pulled Pork this time!!! I was left with about a 3" slab of packer Brisket and that was it! Unbelievable!

Jeff great pictures of the "before" :D I now waiting for the "after" ones.

I really like what the mustard does for the bark. Glad everyone enjoyed your feast. 8)
Here's an "in process" look on the cooker I use at Home. You can really see the "Bark" forming quite well. Unfortunately I was unable to snap any photos as it was prepared............I had 50 hungry people to feed!!!


We definitely have to do a "Scratch'n Sniff" thingy here! Jeff, thanks millions!
As a matter of fact my freebie old single door fridge was delivered today. Because of a work related injury and time running short for winter preparations I will hold off the conversion till spring when I plan to post pics of the conversion and the first smoke and more. Your posts are exceptionally helpful and I will be relying on you and others. My "smoke entertaining" will be for my snowplowing buddies and my motorcycle ridfing friends! Good folks and definitely good times in Vermont!
BTW...Where did you come up with "Sir Monty"? I kinda like it! Thank you!
Curious minds (mine) wants to know "What 'cha got in the aluminum?". Monty's right, we need a "smell" feature on this forum. The meat in your smoker looks really good.
Hey, Earle! Lets forget the "Scratch'Sniff" and put our energies into the next level......"Grab'N Gulp"! All kidding aside I can hardly wait to get into this smoking thingy. Just gotta take it a piece at a time! Trust me I will be taking furious notes!
"Sir Monty"
Monty your right about the Grab and Gulp! My first year as a Scoutmaster I learned that one real quick especially with 20+ HUNGRY Scouts. The second outting I let them fight over the food while my assistants and I ate such fixings as Wild Rice stuffed boneless Cornish Hens with a Spicy Raspberry glaze and such! :twisted:

One time a young feller called me "Sir" and I did a quick look around thinking my dad was nearby. I told the feller that he didn't have to call me "Sir" as I worked for a living. He replied that he pronounced the word as "Sir" but he spelled it "CUR"!!! Boy did I ever resemble I mean resent that remark!!! :x
Call me what you want but I want what I see and that stuff Jeff is putting out definitely does it for me!
OOPS!!!! Did not mean to do a rhyme! I really appreciate the advice and and most of all the camaraderie on this site! Good times!

The Foil on the top rack contains a full packer Brisket. It's close to being placed in a Dry Cooler and covered with damp towels. The one below it is ready to be foiled and juiced, then brought up to 190 - 200*. Members like Bill Smith know my secret to turning a Brisket into "Budda"!!!!

Wow jeff, that looks delicious! That foil wrapped brisket looks big enough to be 2! :shock: Thanks for that second round of pix.
It does look pretty damn Huge in the picture, don't it? I'd say it weighed in around 14 Lbs. or so. The Wifey helped me wrap that one.........she doesn't seal 'em down as tight as I do.

Don't think I ever noticed it until you mentioned it, Bob. LOL!!! All I know is that you can cut my Briskets with a Fork when I'm done with 'em!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Smokes!!! (pun most certainly intended). Those pics are Beeeaauuuutiful!! Its enough to give a guy religion..."Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory..."

If I hadn't already bought the pork picnics for this weekend, I sure be running off to the market for a couple briskets! Oh well, At least it gives something to look forward to for next weekend!

You're absolutely right. I do appreciate your sharing the secret of making brisket tender enough to be cut with a fork .... just like Budda. Using your technique, I was able to produce a similar piece of meat. It (and it's subsequent smokes) was a beautiful thing and delicious to eat.

If anyone is having problems with brisket, read up on Jeff's brisket process and you will be just about be guaranteed excellent results.

I have and use your recipes all the time. Thanks again. Looking at the pics just made me go out and pick up a couple buts and a brisket. I'm putting on a new roof and it will be perfect to feed the crew. Keep the smoker hot!!
You are all very welcome! Sorry I haven't been online, but my Motherboard took a dump on me and had to install a new one. Only to find out that the wholesaler sold me the wrong GB of memory to go with it!!! It real hard to install XP when your memory card isn't working! LOL!

I've spent the last few weeks troubleshooting and re-installing all my files! It's amazing how dependant we become on these liitle white boxes!

Good to see ya back Jeff. I have 3 PC's at the house and 4 or 5 older ones laying around to play with or in case of an emergency. I guess we have become dependent. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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