Meat probes and cables

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Chris, probe handles are different widths as well.
One on left is 1/2" and the one on right is 5/16" (probably same as yours).
The one on the left is a new waterproof one from Thermoworks.
Their holders won't work with these.

Probes 2024-05-06.jpg
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Color code the ends of the cables with tape for identification(the side that doesn't go in the smoker). As for the not kinking. You can build a small hanger similar to something that holds shovels and rakes. Just take a block of wood and make cable width slices into one side. Then hang the cable. Or you can wrap the cable around your hand and the feed the end thru the loop a couple of times. I do that with my headphone and mouse cables.

Agreed Chris. I use old fishing line spools for mine, colored electrical tape or gaffing tape is great for this.

- Jason
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Once unwrapped from the original pkg/plastic spool they hang straight from binder clips from the plastic plug or draped over a chair but never wrapping and unwrapping when needing to use them. Pit probes and some meat probes are unplugged and stay in the smoker and cleaned before inserting into meat and pit probes rarely need cleaning when dry and not wet with splatters and are great for 10 years + outside. IDK I use small colored cable ties to mark the probe plugs. I've never had probes fail but I threw away a 10 year old single probe pit therm from firmware failure so the probe went with it. I do not handle cabled probes if not necessary. I did put rtv silicone over the joint at the cable probe and that may have made them last but the silicone on the BT 6 probe covered that for me.
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I've decided to go with this 3D printed holder. Eliminates the kinks, and readily identifies the connectors as to the PID. (RecTeq, Spider Venom, and Maverick 733 all have different sized connectors.)


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