Meat probes and cables

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Dec 16, 2021
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Hopefully this is the correct area for this question. If not, I know an experienced person will lead the way :emoji_wink:

Am tired of kinks & tangles in meat probe temperature sensor cables. Compounding that, my RecTeq, Spider Grill Venom and Maverick probes used on my Weber Performer ALL have different size/configuration probes! Which one fits which PID?
Any ideas on how to store and identify the cables to prevent kinking and to identify?
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Color code the ends of the cables with tape for identification(the side that doesn't go in the smoker). As for the not kinking. You can build a small hanger similar to something that holds shovels and rakes. Just take a block of wood and make cable width slices into one side. Then hang the cable. Or you can wrap the cable around your hand and the feed the end thru the loop a couple of times. I do that with my headphone and mouse cables.

I purchased 3 of the Thermoworks Silicone Probe spools @ $8.95 each, and they are nice with magnets to hold. Problem is, they're for the new "skinny" probes. I would need 5 more at $8.95 each. Think I might find some empty wire spools that "might" work.
I'm working on a 3D printer probe holder. I'm testing a print of it now. When it's ready I will make it freely available on thingverse.

Stop using or needing so many probes. They aren’t necessary to cook great bbq. Just seriously throwing that out there.
I think version three will do it. Version two was almost there but not quite. It wasn't cleaned up, just testing the fit with multiple probes.


Printing version three right now. Since all probes have different length of wire I added as many ways to enter the connector as possible.


You will be able to print these or have someone print them for you in multiple colors to tell them apart.
Oops! The blue spool was low but this was small and I thought it was enough for this print. I thought wrong. Luckily it was only 15 minutes into the print. I changed it out and started over.

My new 3D printer has a camera option to keep track of what is printing from any browser.

Having a camera to watch your 3D print is like having a probe to watch the temperature of the meat you are cooking.

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Amazing!! I'll buy few of those! Temp probe wire tangles and wire kinks just drive me crazy!
Thank You Chris_in_SoCal. I have downloaded the *.zip file. Have never done this, but I understand I can take the file to the local library and for a fee, they can print for me?
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