White/dirty smoke a problem?

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Dec 12, 2023
I've heard and read that there could possibly be a problem with white smoke/dirty smoke for food? I saw a video where they said that you should leave open your smoker till all the white smoke is gone and then put on your meat. I've also seen videos where others have said that is not a problem and it adds smokey flavor to the meat. My question is, does it really matter and have any of you noticed a difference either way good or bad?
Welcome to the site, white smoke is normally moisture, bad smoke is dark colored imo, never had off flavor white, if smoker is up to temp and smoke aint dark I put my food on. its rare to see dark smoke but in a rush ect you can throw a rotten piece of wood on or wood that's not suitable to use to smoke with.
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I agree with Mike. White smoke isn’t a problem. I use a smoke generator in my smokehouse and all it produces is white smoke. The meats come out beautifully colored and delicious.
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