LSU Game Day....

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Jan 1, 2020
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Congrats on your win. As a Notre dame fan I naturally hate LSU now bc of Brian Kelly haha
HAHAHA except for this week I bet you been missing Brian Kelly a WHOLE BUNCH LOL.. I been an Irish fan since '84 and honestly that teams a freakin dumpster fire now. Brian was there for like 15 years getting things done with a subpar team of small virtually irrelevant players very few of which went on to major long lasting NFL careers. Name 1 QB in the last twenty years from ND that even played as a starter in the NFL? lol. G-D forbid he go somewhere that he can get decent recruits and get a national championship before he retires. None of the NFL prospect NCAA players want to play for a college with a moral clause 100% was disgusted at the way the Irish treated him when he left.
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Apr 17, 2020
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I'm for Arkansas and who ever is playing Bama that weekend! Was glad to see Bama put up another L. They have been top dog in the SEC for long enough. As someone else said....Its been a great season for college football.
Now that food....that is some great looking stuff all the way around.


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Feb 27, 2018
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Sorry Swamp didnt mean to derail your thread with all this college ball talk. Great win and some great food!

As far as coach O goes that makes sense. Always wondered how he won a natty and was pushed out two years later. Always stuff behind the scenes. Trust me TN is on their 5th coach since Fulmer retired and looks like we finally got it right. At least coach O was entertaining to the rest of non LSU fans lol.

Name 1 QB in the last twenty years from ND that even played as a starter in the NFL?
Pretty sure Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, and Deshone Kizer all started games. Short lived though lol.

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