Looking to buy a new smoker, What do you recommend???

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Mar 24, 2016
I am looking to get a new bullet smoker, i have a cheap one right now but it does not work very well and also a horizontal smoker.

Right now im thinking of  getting a 22-1/2 in. Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker... does everyone think that is a good choice?  800$$ budget
The Weber Smokey Mountains are hard to beat. I use mine all the time. I don't donlarge cooks often anymore so my 14.5" or my homebuilt mini-WSM's get used the most. When I need extra room or want to do whole racks of ribs I pull out the 18.5". Efficient and reliebale. For the most part set n forget once seasoned and you figure out how to run them.
I'm always doing large cooks for the family so the more space the better. so thats good to know!!! but then again i also have my Horizontal smoker for multiple ribs and such. would like a nice bullet for pulled pork and stuff.
I have an 18.5 and it's usually enough room but I'm looking to move up to the 22.5 so I can use my rotisserie on it and my kettle. If you buy charcoal on sale the added expense will be pretty minimal I think. There great cookers once seasoned and you figure out the fairly simple vents,I say simple cause I can do it!:biggrin: I smoke overnite even with my maverick therm for an alarm just in case. I think it's a great choice,one recommendation is to look at one in the store and put items on it to get a feel for how much space it will give you.
For $800 you could get a WSM 22.5 & a BBQ Guru setup.

Then you have set & forget with charcoal/wood flavor.

The combo is hard to beat.

For $300 delivered I don't think there is anything on the market that can beat my PBC (Pit Barrel Cooker)  Everything it touches is better than any smoker I have ever used.

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For $800 you could get a WSM 22.5 & a BBQ Guru setup.

Then you have set & forget with charcoal/wood flavor.

The combo is hard to beat.

I second this idea...Although a few things to consider.

a) Don't spend $800 if you don't need a $800 cooker (do you need the size of a 22" or would a 18.5" WSM do?)

b) How much are you going to use it?  I have a neighbor that has a $1200 Green Egg and used it 3 times in the last yr.  He still doesn't even know how to cook on it.  

c) Goes with b...Are you going to learn to use the cooker?  

d) What kind of cooking are you doing?  Short cooking (ribs, chicken ect) a normal WSM would be great.  Longer cooks, you could add a Guru and as SmokinAl states be within you $800.

I also do photography and the saying goes...The camera does not make the photographer.  You can have the best of the best and still not be good without trying to learn and apply you skills.  Same for cooking...whether it be indoors or smokin.
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