Little cheese on the side

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The Smoke Show

Original poster
Apr 28, 2021
So it called for rain today.
I thought a rainy weekend cheese session was in order.
baby gouda, old cheddar yellow extra old cheddar white jalapeño havarti and ghost paper/jalapeño havarti cheese and a marble , should do the family for a bit.
but I still had some room so poped in some raisins and Himalayan pink salt lol only question is what I want next great thing is I can look around this fine chat for fantastic ideas cheers everyone.


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Thats a load right there. Raisins? How did they turn out?
Smoked raisins you say? Never thought of that. Nice haul of cheese too!
It's a first for me I just seen them and thought hmm what the hell I'll give it a whirl was going to do some hard boiled eggs or potatoes but these should be tasty in bread is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.