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  1. ald73008

    Smoked Cheese, 10yr evolution, self-built

    When I first learned of cold smoking, I was intrigued. My buddy has a big smoker and does brisket, turkey etc, so I wanted to bring something different to the table. Tired of paying inflated prices for fake spray on flavored cheese at the store, I wanted to see if I could do it. I made my first...
  2. T

    Little cheese on the side

    So it called for rain today. I thought a rainy weekend cheese session was in order. baby gouda, old cheddar yellow extra old cheddar white jalapeño havarti and ghost paper/jalapeño havarti cheese and a marble , should do the family for a bit. but I still had some room so poped in some...
  3. reformedvegan

    Help w/ AMNTS cold smokin in a Pit Boss pellet "grill"

    Folks, I have one of the PB 700-series models. I tried cold-smoking cheese this weekend with my 12" AMNTS, and I was disappointed with the thick, white smoke it produced and the bitter, acrid, chemical taste of the cheese after smoking. I have vacuum sealed the cheese and plan to let it mellow...
  4. Cj7851

    Featured Smoked queso

    Been wanting to make some smoked queso for a while and finally got around to it the other day. I ended up throwing in a few cayenne and Hungarian wax peppers out of the garden. Talk about delicious this stuff was so simple but stupid good. It was also even better the next day after it sat...
  5. gimmeharmony

    Smoking Cheese in the Vision Grill with AMNPS QView

    Got some decent cheese from Costco and Kroger. Fired it up for three and a half hours with pecan wood pellets in the A-MAZE-N 5x8 smoker maze. Used a tray with icecubes below the cheese. It was 70° outside and was able to stay below 80° in the grill. Sealed with Foodsaver and now we wait...
  6. pi guy

    First Time Smoking Cheese (With Pics)

    I meant to post this in April when I did my first cheese smoke, but forgot until today, as I'm getting ready to start my second batch of cheese. I started out with 2 lbs of plain old Mozzarella and Cheddar I used my AMNPS with apple pellets inside my MES with no heat on. I put a piece of...
  7. disco

    Bacon Cheddar Scones

    I normally don't do posts of non meat recipes but this one helps me solve a problem related to my bacon production. When I smoke bacon, the trimmings and end slices are very strongly smoked. I use some of them in soups, stews and chilis but sometimes I get ahead and have a lot of trimming. I...
  8. tropics

    First Smoke for 2020

    Market had a sale on 10 oz blocks of cheese I picked up 8 blocks Rainy day so I needed the cheese smoked PB #4 with AMNPS Alder Cob mix Held 59°F Lots of smoke in the garage Truck staying outside tonight 3 hours of smoke I had only filled 1 row on the tray didn't burn all of it Brought...
  9. gmc2003

    Cabot Cheddar Cheese: Smoked

    Had a gorgeous day yesterday. Sunny, minimal winds and high was supposed to hit the mid-fifties. So I figured it was time to do my last spring cheese smoke. I was running out of sharp cheddar so: Eight blocks of Seriously Sharp, 3 blocks of Extra Sharp and one block each of Farmhouse reserve...
  10. Murray

    Moisture on cheese?

    I have only smoked cheese 3 times. I'm following the thread https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/cheese-lots-of-pics.286031/ When I do cheese the cheddar will come out of the MES with small cracks around the edges, I assume from moisture loss. The cheese's with a higher fat/moisture do not...
  11. chew2475

    Winter in New England

    After a few inches of snow this morning the weather warmed up so figured I would do some smoking and maple syrup making in between a snowball fight with the boys. Had a bunch of sap collected so got that boiling and ended up with 2 jars of syrup. Getting close now!!! The Final Product While...
  12. SonnyE

    Alright, you shamed me into it....

    Geeze, smoken cheese. OK, so we had this block of Tillamook Cheese the wife got for me to shred some up, small block some up, and of course if you ask me to cut the cheese, there is a toll on the act. So I got the ends of the block (my choice), and I cubed up one of them for bite size smoked...
  13. illini40

    Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

    Hello Smoked some bacon wrapped cheese stuffed meatballs (and a few sans bacon) this evening. Turned out great! This cook was partially inspired by the recipe for Monk Balls in Jeff's Smoking Meat book. Started with 2 pounds of ground chuck. Added 2 eggs, some crushed corn Chex, seasoned with...
  14. saltysandman

    chips vs pellets (Thin Blue Smoke/TBS) and cheese

    With my MBS with side attachment, I've noticed big billowing white smoke in the beginning then settles into TBS. Is there a difference between using wood chips vs. wood pellets? do pellets give off more of the billowing white smoke? related.... I smoked some cheese earlier this year, vacuum...
  15. Cook63

    Smokehouse build

    Starting this build in July. Finished all my metal work yesterday and put fire to it today. Finally cold enough here in Kansas to be able to get some cold smoke rolling!
  16. Eaglechaser

    Need A-Maze-N Advice in Northern NY

    I'm fairly new here but I've been smoking for about three years. I decided to try my hand at cold smoking cheese with the AMNS (6X6) but I'm having a hard time keeping the dust lit. I used an Akorn Kamado grill and placed the maze on the fire bowl grate (no charcoal), both top and bottom vents...
  17. R

    Queso cheese in sausage

    i was thinking about making some snack sticks this weekend and I was thinking about using queso cheese in it. Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it turn out?
  18. saltysandman

    smoking cheese and rest?

    hi all, is the resting needed due to the possible pathogens? is there a minimum time that's needed to sit in frig?
  19. McCann519

    First Time Cheese - Smoked, Rested, Still Not Good...Advice?

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice. I tried smoking cheese for the first time over the holidays between Christmas and New Years. I used my MES with the mailbox MOD and AMNPS with cookinpellets perfect blend pellets. I smoked half the batch for 3...
  20. McCann519

    Holiday Smoking Fun with Q View

    Well the holidays are over and so are my recent smoking adventures. I was able to try some new things to smoke, as well as mod my MES with the mailbox mod and AMNPS. I am still slacking on getting pictures at different stages but got a couple throughout different smokes. Christmas Eve, had a...
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