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Jan 3, 2017
Hi all, I am finally in a position to buy a Kirby water stuffer. I emailed him only to find out he no longer makes them. Does anyone know of one for sale? I was hoping to buy a #15 pound model with foot control.

I’m also open to other options for a water stuffer. I’ve just always read that the Kirby’s were top notch. Any and all help would be great! Thanks

Chad S


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Dec 25, 2010
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I have know Kirby for years. I had one of his stuffers. They are nice but a major PITA to clean.

GL finding one.


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Jan 3, 2017
So are are any recommendations for a stuffer that I don’t have to crank and is more of a one man use? Oh, and that is affordable😁

Dave in AZ

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Oct 2, 2022
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Lem has the big bite motorized stuffer, 10lb is $650.
Waltons has a new 20lb one for $700.

I read all the comments... for LEM, 10 comments saying it broke immediately. 100 5 star love it. Most say it leaves 1" of meat in bottom.

Walton's one is new, they had a few issues but got a new design motor shipping.

Those are the cheapest two. However...
HarborFreight has a hydraulic press stand for $160 with 17" clearance between bars. you could just load your cylinder and it's piston in there and press the meat out. Just a simple pre-built way to put a hydraulic jack above your cylinder. I was thinking of welding a U frame that my 15lb cylinder could fit under, and using their 3ton long throw (25") actuator above it to press my piston down.

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