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Jan 18, 2021
Merriam, KS
While at the Hy-Vee grocery store yesterday, I stopped by the pharmacy. I don't like getting vaccinated but I do it because I figure it is better than the alternative. The two part shingles vaccination has been no different than the Flu and Covid shots. They all have made me feel like I have been drug through a knot hole! Glad I got those ribs done.
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Only once had I had a side effect from a shot. Felt like I had the flu. Short lived though.
I guess I should correct, did have one side effect on all of them. Arm hurt like heck next few days.
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That's the worst thing with tetanus shots... the sore arm for 3 days. Should probably get the shingles vaccine but you might have just unenabled me even more!
Hope you get to feeling better!
Maybe another new gun will help? :emoji_blush:

Mother had the dreaded shingles last yr and had a horrible time. I was going for the shingles Vax right after that but BIL went the week before. Put him down for 2 days 😬. Still haven't got my nerve up.

I don’t take any of them. Maybe I’m just weird.
The shingles vaccine is the only one I might consider... mom seemed to pass her genetics on to me. Doesn't bode well for me but that's life. The rest of the vaccines you can have

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I hear you Colin, I really hate needles, get them when I have to.
I would sooner have someone come at me with a knife then with a needle. just saying

Got a needle when I was just a kid and my arm puffed up like a balloon , I think that was my turning point.

Did I mention I hate needles
I've never had shingles or pewmonia but I'll gladly suffer a little for a couple of days to not go thru shingles because of what I've seen others suffer. They all took the vaccine to try and avoid another bout. And pewmonia still kills folks. I'll try to avoid that too.
All you needle wimps should learn from others lest you become the examples others point to.
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