0400AM Smoke On!

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The Balsamic Glazed Veggies got shot down, so I did them in olive oil and tomato sauce with fresh oregano.


That looks awesome! Like a Southern Mississippi Ratatouille!
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That looks awesome! Like a Southern Alabama Ratatouille!

Thanks Inda, we call it delicious!

I make a spicy version too.

Actually it is a Vegetable vs a Potato Tian, a Tian is sliced veggies or potato layered in a pattern.

Ratatouille is a chunky stew of coarse chopped veggies cooked together.
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Great start! And a hearty looking breakfast! If I find a capon up here. It is in the 20.00 a pound range.
Thanks Steve!
Dang! That is straight up ridiculous.
wOW, looks like you got it going on for sure. Had to look up what a Capon was because i did not know. Wishing you and yours the best Thanksgiving. I scored 2 nice bucks that have been hanging in my cooler for 3 days now so i start the boning out process today as soon as I have my coffee. Post pics of your finished smokes.

Yep busy day, and a relaxing night.
LOL, some poor rooster has to lose his family jewels to be called a Capon.
We haven't been out for deer yet, have a date at friend's property coming up on the 8th.
Wish us luck!
Dang busy day. I’m sure it will turn out nice.
Yes it was, yes it did... Thanks.
WOW John, you've got a lot going on, but I'm here for the ride.

Who the heck is paying that for a chicken??
Thank you Charles.
Fools like me, what the hell it's only money.
WOW John that was a busy and very cultured day and night at the opera house.
And that is one pricy bird with out his male parts, lol

AND am I the only one that though you were having OWL for breakfast, lol Just saying.

Just saying

Busy? Yes it was, but oh so worthwhile.
We've season tickets for the Mobile Symphony.
It's worth the price, even our kids take turns going to the symphony with Mom or I.
I look forward to February, Yo-Yo Ma is coming.
We had to pay extra for that show, but we've seen him before and he's worth every penny.
A little cultural and musical enrichment is good for the soul.

Who, who, whooooo, had an owl for breakfast?

Steve is right, now seen cannot be unseen... LOL!
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Ooo baby I'll stand in line with plate in hand for this finish, John. Mom always bought capons vs turkeys. They just taste better. For me, wet brine them and the world's your oyster when it comes to cooking them. Personally, its the rotisserie with a smoke tube. :emoji_wink:
Thanks Matt!
What a night for sure !! Man you havefto be exhausted. Lots of good food you have going. That capon price is insane but now that I've looked up what it is I need to try it someday.
Yep, price is insane.
Can't wait for the finish pics! Hopefully one of your kids will post a pic of dad's nap lol. Bet that was a tasty owl for breakfast!

I'm a special bird too... my price just went up as well!

Holy crap Chilli, you must have some food bills in your household! I would be 400lbs if I lived with you.
7 hungry souls, yeah the feed bill can be steep.
Wow, what a post! So much going on. I'm along for the ride.

Man Chile you have a lot going on! It all looks good so far. I know you will knock it out of the park. Get a good nap in.

Thanks guys.
After that brekkie I’d need a nap too! pork is looking mighty good.

Thanks Jim.
Everything looks awesome all around chile! Are you sure you are not my long lost brother? Cause Brother, that looks legit!

Capon-$8.99/#; Holey Crapola that is some expensive chicken!
Thanks Inda!
We're probably related somewhere... Adam-n-Eve?
Oh hell yeah!
LOL... Hey! That's my line.
I just bought a capon, day after Thanksgiving for less than the price of whole chicken, $2.68/lb. I have never had one so I couldn't resist. Check your supermarket price, you might find one at a good price.
Damn John that's a big time homerun -->Ruthian

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Point for sure
LOL... Gotta love the Babe.
Did ya know he had an appetite that'd rival many competition eaters?

Thanks Chris, I'll keep swinging for the fences.
I just bought a capon, day after Thanksgiving for less than the price of whole chicken, $2.68/lb. I have never had one so I couldn't resist. Check your supermarket price, you might find one at a good price.
Damn! I'm gonna go by Publix tonight and see if they went on sale.
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