pit boss (dansen) parts

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Dec 24, 2018
HI, Is anybody having trouble getting parts from this outfit? I have a Louisiana black label tabletop grill that is less than a year old. I was using before Christmas to smoke a rack of ribs. It started out normally, then the temp. spiked to 400F. the fan stopped, and it burnt up my ribs.
I called them around the 28th. of December and the person, I talked to said we will send you a new control panel. Fine I said, after no order shipped email arrived, I called them again and was told there was a mix up with my address and they would ship it right away, OK, got that straighten out. After 2 weeks, still no part shipped notice.
I realize it could be the Christmas season rush and things, But i would like my grill up and running.
What to do, I don't want to buy another grill.
bump, today jan.27th. i received the replacement control panel for my blacklabel tabletop pellet grill. 24 days after calling for the part. yippee from Texas
Hope that corrects the issues
My SiL has a rebranded Pit Boss and discovered the wire harness connectors would work loose. I think he secured them with cable ties
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