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  1. Is it ok to use seasoned firewood to cook with?  I have been cooking for a damn long time, and I dont think I have ever thought about it.....I am having a christmas party on the 17th for family, and I plan on making a sausage fattie and a salmon/seafood fattie, and I dont know if using charcoal will be efficient/feasible....

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    You should only use seasoned fire wood; however, the best flavors come from woods that are seasoned no more than 3 years.  I have used woods seasoned longer than that, and it does seem to impart less flavor.  Won't harm anything, though.

    You should never use unseasoned wood, as it can impart resins and other nasty stuff into your food.
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    As long as the seasoned fire wood is not a pine or resinous wood you will be fine.
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    Also stay away from Walnut. It has chemicals in it that are nasty. Ever seen another type of tree growing around a Walnut?
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    What they said!

    Out of curiosity, what kind of wood are you using?
  6. none yet...I was just checking....I figured that if it was ok to breathe (as ok as that can be) it should be ok to eat...

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