Jalapeno Sausage, questions about cure #1

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by darbinco, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. darbinco

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    So I found a recipe for Jalapeno sausage which includes a tsp of #1 cure.  

    See here..

    http://lpoli.50webs.com/index_files/Jalapeno Sausage2.pdf

    I don't use a cure in my Bratwurst and freeze those upon making them. Can I do the same with the Jalapeno sausage and leave out the cure?

    Has anyone made a Jalapeno sausage like this and then smoked the sausage, vacuum packed and then freeze them?

    Im thinking thaw and throw on the grill later for easy meals. I just split a case of pork butts with the neighbor and besides some pulled pork we have to do something with the rest of them.   
  2. hank2000

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    Yes u can leave the cure out as long as you don't smoke it leave it fresh. I've done it. Most of the time I do cold smoke it so I use cure #1 then I freeze it and cook it when ready to eat it. Some on here fully cook it when the smoke it and just work it up when they get ready to eat
  3. crankybuzzard

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    Personally, I'd use the cure for a variety of reasons...  They'll retain color, you can warm smoke them to a done IT (which will be a nicer sausage and retain moisture better), you'll have peace of mind knowing that someone may not have any issues with your sausages.
  4. darbinco

    darbinco Fire Starter

    Thanks for the reply.

    I was going to do it one of two ways.

    1. Make up the sausage fresh, pack and freeze it so they could be grilled later.

    2. Make up the sausage, hot smoke at 225 till done, let cool (of course) then pack and freeze.  

    I can use the cure its not a big deal just didn't know if I really needed to with either method. 

    Another question,

    Have you guys ever used sheep casings for a smaller sausage? is there any texture or taste difference over hog?

    I've only used hog for my brats but was thinking something sized between a brat and a hot dog would be nice too. 
  5. boykjo

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    You can also cold smoke fresh sausage as long as you keep the meat temp under 40 degrees which is difficult but possible. If I want fresh sausage with no cure and wanted smoke flavor I would add liquid smoke to the meat and skip the smoking process. Liquid smoke is made by distillation. Hickory smoke distillate (CAS # 74113‐74‐9) is produced by condensation of smoke bearing water vapor resulting from the controlled burning of hickory  (Carya  species, juglandaceae  family). It consists primarily of acetic acid, dimethoxyphenol, 2-butanone  and water.

    or hot smoke at 180 degrees to an IT temp of 160 then freeze, then thaw and reheat to eat

  6. darbinco

    darbinco Fire Starter

    I'm not into cold smoking, that would be reinventing the wheel for me right now. My Assassin smoker will knock these baby's out in bulk quantities!
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  8. c farmer

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    I use sheep casings for smaller stuff. Breakfast sausage and sticks. When done right, you would love them

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