It's that time of year again...

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Jun 21, 2009
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When people drink lots of beer ,get too drunk and put strange colored things in thier mouths!!
At work for the past several years I have made these green little beauties and shocked, disgusted, and suprised alot of our customers!!! We take some coarse ground CB and mix it with a batch of basic country style sausage and then stuff it into a hog casing. OH YEAH...and we ad some green food coloring! Sure causes a alot of customer interaction!
Here's some pics of the process...Enjoy!
Cuttin the corned beef up for grinding
Hobart grinder in action
1/4" coarse plate
Mixa Mixa Mixa!!
Heres the beast... a water press sausage stuffer!! 75 pounds at a time with this bad boy!
Yeah I know you all have stuffer envy right now!!
Its good to be the king!!
Opps got a little dangle going on here
And heres a pic of the stuffed cornedbeef and pork...without the green added. We decided to make a batch w/o it so we could offer some to those people that always say, "I would buy some if it wasn't green!" HA No excuses now!
All linked up
And ready for wrapping
NOW!! On to the Greenies!
We start with the same mix
Then add some food coloring mixed with some water to help it spread evenly throughout the batch
 All ready for the beast!
Out they come Green as can be!!
Heres a little color comparison to a stufz burger press...Yep we have one at work for lunches!
 Now I know they look real good now but in a day or so they will intensify in color so the will look real good and green for the display case.
Thanks for watching...
Very cool!!!!!!!!!
Cool SOB !

If you would have stuffed them a month ago, you wouldn't need the food coloring!

Nice stuffer too!----(got a little dangle going on-----LOL)

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Nice Looking Sausages...

Reminds me of Jack Klugman in "The Odd Couple"  He had Brown Sandwiches and Green Sandwiches,  They asked,  "What are the green?"  "It's Either Very New Cheese or Very Old Meat." 
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I'm in envy here...................... I dont know what a butcher makes a year but I would love to quit my stinkin job and become one.................

If your customers saw your first and second pic with the meat and the food coloring in the mixing tub I'm sure it would have sent them running out the door...... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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