Neese hot sausage

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There was an old thread here where the guy was using a section of PVC pipe to shape the sausage , then pushing it out the end and slicing . I think there was another where he cut rings of PVC and used that to shape patties .

I have a cheap patty press , but most times I do that after it's been frozen .
That is a great idea chop for those wanting patties!
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I like the squares

The square makes it easy.
Loaf pan might work for what you want .
Olive loaf , but same idea .
great idea
Yeah , that's from an old thread . Hard to find , and I think the pictures are lost .
My Dad made one he mounted to a board . Has a push stick and a fennel with it . He used it to make patties , or with the funnel he stuffed casings . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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