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Illinois Group!

Discussion in 'Illinois Members Group' started by zahlgren, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. new smoker from pingree grove il here
  2. gburg tyrell

    gburg tyrell Newbie

    Firing up the smoker from Galesburg IL
  3. salukidawg

    salukidawg Newbie

    Southern Illinois here folks.....Been smoking now about 4 months......Electric master built from sams club....every turns out good...but Im still Lerning!!
  4. beaummiler

    beaummiler Meat Mopper

    Hello salukidawg
  5. Hello all from Mattoon IL.
  6. Hello from Pekin!
  7. I'm sure I probably already said hello from Atkinson, but was curious as to why there hasn't been much activity on this thread...the snow maybe? It's snowing now.
  8. We hibernate during the winter.... morning from Charleston, IL.
  9. So done with Winter!
  10. My Smoker does not hibernate during the winter. Morning from Cooks Mills IL
  11. @WeberBlackStoneYoder I never said the smoker hibernates during the winter. Just the people that live here do. :)
  12. Gotcha ya. Where do you get your meat from in Charleston?
  13. Either Morgan's in Mattoon, or Windsors meat market. I was told not long ago, someone was finally bringing a butcher shop into town, but I havent seen anything open yet.
  14. Yep I frequent Morgan's or Windsor about once a week. I like Das Schlacht haus right outside of Arthur, but they are a little high on their prices. Great Quality though.