I want to buy a GOSM big block. Now what?

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Jun 5, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Started smoking about a month ago. Got a good deal on an old chargriller i think it is, but its too small. I made some great Q for sure, but it was a pain babysitting it the whole time, especially my 14 hour butt (what a night). Anyways, anyone got suggestions as to where I should purchase this? I want to make sure I get the right one, and I want to make sure I dont get ripped off. Thanks yall
The GOSM big block is a great smoker, the main complaint I have noticed is in the shape the unit is in upon delivery. A lot of damage complaints to what I can see. The best price I have found is ordering online from Home Depot. I would discuss it with your local HD store before purchasing. I will be buying one as soon as we move, one less thing to pack and unpack. I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback on this thread.

Okay, I was so blown away that Amazon had them that I had to walk away from the computer for a moment. From the reviews on Amazon it seems that the condition that they will be in when you get it is bad. There are a lot of complaints about people having to order multiple units and they each are busted. On the other hand, free shipping which is worth around $45 to $55 seeing as how it weights about 90lbs. I have heard that Home Depot has very reliable shipping and the smoker comes strapped to a pallet. I recently purchased mine from Epod2000 and it came in great condition. I think there is one tiny dent in it but I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been going over the whole thing after reading the Amazon reviews. I got mine from Epod2000 because the whole price with shipping was lower than Home Depots and someone else on this forum was happy with their business. They did ship FedEx so let that be entered into consideration. I might have just been lucky. I was very happy with the transaction though and from my experience would recommend them.
not too sure about amazon(who was it that had their thing all busted up?)- senior moment... cabela's,bass pro,academy,..... whatever ya do - go buy it - open it there & look it over- i got a freezer from bestbuy an hour away- had a big dent- it's not worth the worries...cause yer gonna wanna say screw it & use it right then... inspect & pay on premises.if they want the sale ,they'll tape it back up.i bet ya got costco or sam'snearby too or a tractor supply company(tsc)- look for whats close to your house before you buy online.. just my 2 cents worth. gas may be cheaper than shipping too.
I have found that GOSMs from different stroes have different options. I read somewhere that the $100 dollar one from Wal Mart (16" wide)does not come with a cover. I bought mine from Bass Pro Shops for $130 and it came with a very nice cover. I have also noticed that from some stores you get more racks than from others. You may want to consider this when shopping by price alone. Good idea buying the big block. I bought the smaller one and within a few weeks wished I had spent the extra money. Good luck with your shopping.
I definately think that getting the big block is the right way to go. I have seen the smaller ones at Walmart and there is a large size difference. As far as racks and covers, when I was purchasing my big block from Epod2000, they had covers and extra grills there. I can't imagine four not being enough, mainly because you will want the extra space for large pieces of meat but another rack or two may come in handy.
Once you really get into it, you're gpnna want the extra space the big block has. Just trust me on this.
Yeah my $130 wide body GOSM from Wal-Mart came with 3 racks but no cover. I may get one later, but for now it'll live in the garage when not in use.
Thanks everyone. I think I will just shop around at a couple differnt places close to my house. I got wal marts and home depots everywhere, and i like the idea of being able to check it out before i buy. Also, no shipping fees. I am getting so antzy (spell?), haha anyways, just waiting for my pay check tomrow then its off to buy! I cant wait.
Got my GOSM Big Block online from Home Depot, $189.00, free shipping and no sales tax. The unit arrived in pristine condition. No complaints here!

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