I think I have everything I need now...

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everytime I read a recipie from here and want to try it, I am always one spice short, so yesterday I went to WalMart and got every one that I needed. It was like Christmas :)

There was a bottle of saffron, and you cant even call it a bottle, it was a small envelope in the bottle, that held a few stalks....almost 15.00 dollars!! Glad I dont need that one :)

But, anyway, I am now set to smoke :)

Thanks everyone for all your help!!

Sounds like it's time to start making your own rubs, recipes are great but i really enjoy experimenting with my own, flavors that i like. I burned up my whole pantry trying to perfect a rib rub last wekend for a comp i was doing, but ended up with a pretty good mix! Time to restock, now i need a good brisket rub
bubba, why don't you buy jeff's rub recipe? i just bought it yesterday, and it looks good just reading it. i can not wait to try it (hopefully this weekend).
if you want, anything you can think of & really good spices & i know the combos to make them even better... try http://www.fiestaspices.com i guarantee everyone here from texas knows them & it is good -i guarantee it- i'm working on a distriburtorship & sponsorship up here. just try the fajita(on any & every meat even spag.)spice, uncle chris'(even on butter simmered & bacon chip green beans) & the carne guisada spice these are my staples -i ain't making a dime here- but if you don't love it.. i'll pay for your spices & the postage to you & postage to me for yer leftovers.
i rarely do rubs or what i call "slather sauces"but i do have 2 good ones- my old staples(usually for ribs i do my old tried/true standby) the spices i just mentioned w/ a splattering of balsamic vin, worch. sauce. & a dark beer(i use arrogant bastard ale or honey brown) or fer chix (secret trick to do on ribs for contests) 1 cup sauce, 1/2 beer, 2 cloves of smoked garlic,1/4 cup molasses, 1/4 cup brown sugar, sprinkle w/ the spices i said- when it's to 180..tent & foil in the smoker or oven @ 220 (add 1tsp water & 3 tsp beer)for 2 hrs. open, rest, & sprinkle w/ a dash(light) paprika.-20-45 mins later pull bone & slice meat. done
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