Hurricane IKE

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    I got back from three weeks in Texas. I was the supervisor for a group from FPL who went out there to put the lights back on in Houston. We mainly worked in the Magnolia and Tomball area. The folks out there was so nice it almost made me sick ( not really) They brought the guys food everyday it seemed and honked thier horn is was great. One guy smoked my guys the bigest t-bone steak you have ever seen. Another smoked a brisket. It seems there is a smoker in every back yard there. To all you Texans out there the guys thanks you a lot for your hospitality even in your time of need. Wish we could repay you the favor someday.
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    It just goes to show that even in hard times there still is generousity!
  3. triman22000

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    Hey I did not want to leave the area is nice felt bad on some areas the trees came down and destroyed thier mobile homes and cars at the same time.

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