Thermoworks Customer Service Can't Be Beat

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Sep 10, 2011
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It's true... I have two thermoworks Smoke's (2 thermapens as well) My first Smoke took a crap when the spring in the battery compartment broke... OK.. I'll just buy a new one and retired the first one.... A couple years since purchasing the new one... Well the kickstand broke on it this weekend...
Contacted customer service and explained I was using it in cooler weather and it probably made the plastic kickstand brittle. The peice that holds it in place where it pivots broke. I also mentioned about my first one that the battery spring broke in. Asked about buying replacement parts for both...

This is the reply I got


I can go ahead and get that new kickstand sent out to you at no cost.

As for the battery spring. To get to that specific one, you would have to disassemble the back of the device to access the terminal for replacement. Normally we don't have repair parts, but I might be able to include one for you to replace yourself. If you like, we also offer repair services for the Smoke for $25, but if it is a limited edition housing color we would have to change that during the repairs.

I will go ahead and get these sent out to you.

Hey sent both parts at no cost to me and they have already shipped...

Tell me there is any better customer service than that out there and I'll KYA...

So if your looking for any kind of thermometer I highly suggest Thermoworks...

Thanks again Thermoworks...
So it's not always a thing of the past.
Quality products and quality customer service =loyal customers who spread the good news !
Nice report Keith.

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I have good luck with them as well.
Never needed repair on anything, but just good responses to questions (via email).
I have probably bought at least 15 devices from them for myself and as gifts. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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