Huge Change in Pork Butt cook time with foiling?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by splendorlex, May 7, 2014.

  1. So I'm trying foiling midway for the first time right now. The reason being that I heard it could ease the "stall" and speed cook time. You see last week, I started a butt a little over 6 pounds at about 8 am, thinking it would be ready by dinnertime. That sucker didn't hit 195 until like 10pm!

    So this morning I put a butt on that was about 6.25 pounds. Put it on around 6:45 and smoked it for about 4 hours. Once it hit 160, I took it off, foiled it, and put it back in the smoker. (I use the red ECB.) It's now a little after 1, so about 6 1/2 hours total cook time, and it's already reading 198. I am using a remote probe thermometer, that I didn't take out even when foiling.

    If this is a true temp, this thing'll be done by 2 pm for a cook time a little over 7 hours. Wow.

    Does foiling really make that big of a difference? If so, I think I've been converted. :) I want to easily be able to smoke for parties and such, but I've been reluctant because cook times have been really hard to gauge accurately. 
  2. jcrevz

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    yes foiling does make that much of a difference
  3. Very nice. Looks like it will come out to about a 7 hour cook time. 
  4. foamheart

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    It does reduce the cooking time. But I have a suggestion, I balk at ever cooking butts for a party. Period. No one ever taught pigs to tell time so no two will ever show up when expected. Its the nature of the beast.

    When cooking a butt, I ALWAYs cook in advance, pull, add a little finishing sauce and into the reefer a min. of overnight. That way the finishing sauce flavor can marry with the meat, its not overbearing like BBQ sauce, its more like a spice mix with a little moisture and you only use a little, but boy does it perk up that pork taste and it just excites the taste buds and buddettes!

    I always smoke ahead of time so I can get the finishing sauce on it at least over night.

    I though when they said smoking was all about low and slow they meant the cooking time, but what with a day in the brine or a day in a marinade and a day to dry and form a pellicle then the smoke, then the rest period and hour to another day.... its definitely not a rush in and cook and eat experience when done properly. LOL I ain't so sure about low, but its definitely slow. LOL 
  5. Thanks, Foamheart. I'll keep that in mind the next time I want to entertain with smoked meat! Is there other stuff you prefer to try to smoke for a party type deal, or do you just avoid that altogether?
  6. jcrevz

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    hotdogs, finger foods, ribs, stuff that only takes ~3-5 hours for me, and i start them about 5-7 hours before i need them. 

    good idea on the pulled pork Foamheart, i may try this 
  7. So a new problem here is It's 3.5 hours till dinner. :) Do I pull now and leave it in the foil, or wait to pull until dinner? For now I just put it in the cold oven still wrapped up. I still have the probe in and its at 192.
  8. foamheart

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    I do it mostly with pulled pork and briskets. Its just due to the length of the cooking time and the unpredictability of the meats.

    Fast smokers like ribs or fowl is ok to cook the same day, but even the brisket cuts better after its been allowed to chill.

    If you want to have something on the pit for a party, cook your butts ahead for pulled pork. You can throw a ribs on or some sausage or try some pork shots! The recipe is in the search engine, or ABT's if you are having beer. Those give the guys a place to congregate out of the house which means out of sight. Have the pulled pork for the party with the above, which the guys will have to taste while cooking, you wouldn't want the wives to get something you had not insures was good would you?

    If you are drinking hard liquor, ABT's might now be the wisest choice. They will encourage consumption and get ya in trouble with the boss.

    Sausages are always a good thing to throw in the pit. Just make it automatic when you smoke, I do. Or boudin works well also.

    You really should research those pork shooters!

    BTW when standing around the pit with all the goodies, do NOT forget to get up a plate full for the ladies in the house. It makes the smoker a much more comfortable place to hang out.
  9. foamheart

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    I figure mine is done at 203. That's just my magic number, then I allow it to sit on the counter till cool covered with a dish towel, then I pull and smack it with a little finishing sauce.

    I must add a disclaimer, I don't foil butts. I never foiled till I started my new education here on the boards. Pop never did it, so I was never exposed. I have tried doing it with ribs, and with brisket, I even did one foiled butt. I am now smoking on an electric the majority of the time and I just don't see the need. Plus I am just an old grey headed fart and comfortable with the way I have always done it.

    You'll know when to pull it, when you can't stand it anymore, and it doesn't burn your fingers....LOL
  10. jcrevz

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    I would leave it in foil, wrap it in a beach towel and put in a cooler, then pull 30 mins before eating and hit it with some finishing sauce. it should still be nice and warm i would think
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